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The digital world has transformed many industries altogether and the gaming industry is the best example to look at. The major changes in the gaming industry have come through consistent upgrades of technology.

Remember the Tetris game we played in the 90s? Then came the new millennium when our mobile phones got access to games like Snake and Bouncing Ball Classic. Later on, with the popularity of smartphones games like Candy Crush Saga, PUBG including many others took the gaming world by storm. The core of this consistent and rapid development in the gaming vertical has been due to technology. And especially, it is the iGaming industry which includes popular casino games like poker, rummy, and online casinos, that has seen tremendous growth in recent years; credits technology.

In the years to come too, the iGaming industry is anticipated to witness a high rise with the emergence of new technologies.

5 Important Technological Trends that Will Change the Future of iGaming Industry

1. Virtual Reality (VR) to Return in a Better Shape

Do you that 3D films existed a century ago too? But its technology was too costly due to which it could not gain much attention. However, in recent years, again the 3D technology has emerged and gained high attention among the masses. Be it the exceptional Marvel films or the gaming screens, 3D is emerging again more strongly.

With big developments in the 3D space, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has started being a part of the popular games that you play. Even in the iGaming space, various ventures are offering iGaming software options that claim to have amazing 3D graphics and support VR technology. iGaming software provider ventures will leverage VR and 3D technologies more to provide an enhanced gaming experience for games like poker and rummy.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) to Further Enhance Games

Above, we discussed the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) in the iGaming industry and how it can impact the vertical altogether. But another technology that will impact the iGaming industry is Augmented Reality (AR).

Just to understand, Virtual Reality (VR) takes you to a whole new world that doesn’t exist (virtual), however, Augmented Reality (AR) improves your existing real environment. The best example of AR is the filters that you see in apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The AR technology will also change the iGaming industry in the coming years to deliver a more realistic and amazing gaming experience to players in real environments. Already, games like DroidShooting have started with the usage of AR, but in the years to come, this technology will be exploited better for sure.

3. Cloud Gaming to Ease the Gaming Access

Faster and reliable internet connections have given a boost to cloud computing technology. This has been a key contributor in bringing Cloud Gaming into action. In the future, the Cloud Gaming culture is said to be more popular as it will make the games easily accessible just like movies and music.

Cloud Gaming allows players to have a seamless gaming experience, without having them wait for updates, especially in the case of high-quality games. Using this technology, the player simply needs to connect with a steady internet connection and enjoy his favorite game trouble-free. This technology reduces the game costs remarkably and allows users to easily access the games through devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Lately, many games available on Android & Apple Store have already adopted this technology and in the future, its usage is anticipated to increase.

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4. Facial Recognition and Voice Recognition

Facial Recognition allows you to create your avatar in the gaming world with the help of 3D scanning and facial recognition. With this technology, having yourself appear in the digital gaming world is quite a possible thing. Wait for days to come and you’ll see this technology being used in the iGaming space quite often.

For players who are too lazy to play games with gaming consoles, voice-controlled gaming is a true surprise. Gradually, Voice Recognition technology has picked up in the iGaming space and players have started utilizing it to play the games, whenever they do not wish to use the gaming consoles. This technology is also very likely to make fair impressions soon.

5. Wearable Gaming

When wearable things like Fitbits and Smartwatches came, the technology-driven gadgets found a new hope to sync intelligence with people’s daily routines. And now, wearable technology gadgets are also seeing a rise in the gaming world. In time to come, these gaming wearables will not only act as an extension to your body but will also be more expressive as compared to the standard gaming consoles.

Such advancements in the gaming world will better the gaming experience in the iGaming space and allow players, fantasized by games like Poker and Rummy, to have an enhanced betting experience.

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