bySonu SinghalApril 22, 2021

3 minutes

Ludo is and has always been a popular pastime board game that allows players to interact while providing full entertainment. In our digital era, however, there has been a paradigm shift as the Ludo game is now available on digital platforms. Technological advancement and also Ludo Game Development has gone a notch higher, making the entire venture a very lucrative one from an investor’s perspective.

A smart investor somewhere who's considering an Online Ludo Game Development business but doesn't have the technical expertise or know-how to start and succeed, ought not to worry. Nowadays, it's even much easier for investors, as they can Hire Ludo Game Developers, who will take care of the business's technical aspect, allowing them to focus on management and, hence, enhance profitability. In this blog, we're going to find out how you can start an online Ludo game business successfully in 2021.

Have a Valid Real Revenue Model Management System

Any investor's primary concern when starting the online Ludo game business is usually how the gaming app will generate revenue. Fortunately, there are numerous ways the client can choose from, which can also be enabled on the games Admin control panel.

1. Fixed Percentage Model

Involves the admin or owner of the Ludo app choosing a certain fixed percentage of the game being played and having the ability to modify the game later as per their preference at that time. By doing so, clients can always generate the outcome of the game's investment regardless of the time frame.

2. Memory Management

Optimization of the game's code is fundamental when you want to minimize the servers billing through avoiding unnecessary server requests. Memory management enables the games app code to be stable and will allow it to be compatible with all the android devices.

3. Earn Through Referral Model

The admin usually has a feature that allows users to earn through introducing new members to the game through referral links hence increasing the game's revenue in turn. Using this strategy, the admin can set a marketing model as per their plan, which enables them to start or stop this model as per the server traffic and the user base management system.

Features Your Ludo Game Should Have

a). Customized Clean UI/UX

The Ludo games user interface and user experience should be top-notch, dynamic and customizable, having state-of-the-art game features and functionalities. The user interface should have high-quality graphics and an array of bright and attractive colors that are eye-catching to keep the user's eyes glued on the screen.

b). Free Demo Games

Users have the privilege of playing against a computer demo in the game. The demo enables players, especially new ones, to get well acquainted with the game, sharpen their skills, and also prepare for real-time tournaments. Knowing how to play usually makes the game more enjoyable.

c). Multiplayer Mode

In this mode, users can play the game against an opponent who might be their peers, family, or friends, which makes it even more fun. Users can also create virtual private rooms in the game and also invite their opponents using the rooms code. The maximum number of players for a private Ludo game session is usually three and also allows users to play using virtual money.

d). Worldwide Multiplayer Mode

This option allows the user to play tournaments with opponents from across the globe. Players should have the liberty of selecting their level of expertise in the game before beginning. It's worth mentioning that players in this mode don't get to choose their opponent; however, this mode has huge bonuses for winners.


There you have it, some of the most fundamental factors to consider when starting your Online Ludo business, and make it grow into a success.