Top 5 Key Online Casino Trends Expected into 2020

bySudipta SahaFebruary 25, 2020

2 minutes

The online casino has been rapidly growing over the years, thanks to technological advancement. The industry is estimated to be worth an astounding $ 60 Billion in the year 2020. With online casino games, software's mushrooming, competition is stiff, and the developers need to be more innovative to keep up.

With emerging current 2020 trends, it is fundamental that the online casino software business adapts to risk failure. Patterns have the potential to either contribute to the growth or decline of the market. With each year there comes a new casino game software trend that sparks creativity, innovation, and technological advancements to attract and retain customers.

Below are the five casino trends we expect this year.

Improvement in Social media and mobile Casinos 

The popularity of social media platforms has catapulted the increase in mobile users over the last few years. The casino game developers, therefore, found it befitting to improve on the mobile apps platforms.

In 2020 we tend to see improvements in the social media casino gaming interaction, playing on the go, increase in features such as continuing with a game where they left off.

This year we expect more games that were previously available only on desktops to be on mobile phones. Also, with the popularity of social media networks and the adoption of new technologies, we expect the number of smartphone users to increase and even casino games to be more user-friendly.

Increase in Blockchain casinos

Blockchain is a type of cryptocurrency system that stores Untampered data securely. Different independent computer systems own the blockchain system managed by a network of computers. The technology is slowly getting traction into the casino industry due to its efficiency and transparency.

Blockchain casinos usually consist of a decentralized system whereby data manipulation is impossible. Deposits sent using cryptocurrency and funds stored in smart systems enabling safer and quicker is predicted that more casinos will adapt to the technology to keep up with this trend.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Enhanced Casinos

The predicted trend for casinos this year is the popularity of Virtual reality and augmented online casinos. Players will be able to access the latest virtual reality software that enables them to interact with opponents, play face to face games using screen sensor gloves and VR headsets.

The Augmented reality casinos, on the other hand, enables the combination of virtual reality with the real world, where there are image relays of both real and virtual environments. Live games will bring more excitement and better-detailed graphics, just like in the real world.

More Payment Options

With the popularity of gambling and particularly the online casinos, the payment platforms we expect will increase to the top up the already existing to provide payment solutions that are not only convenient but also secure.

We expect more casinos to adopt to different payment platforms. Cryptocurrencies and e-wallets will be accepted, and as more and more payment companies choose to better, cashless yet secure transaction methods.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Technology

This year the latest trend so far is the use of artificial intelligence to improve the casino game, user experience, and customer representation. AI is useful in analyzing cheating during playtime and security enhancement. 

Chatbots will help customers by tirelessly answering queries. Lastly, Al is efficient in tackling gambling addictions by easily monitoring a player's gambling behaviour.


Some of these trending concepts have been available in previous years. In 2020 due to the growth and popularity of the industry, the gaming technological advancements, together with the latest features, will make this year even more exciting for Casino lovers.