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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

For centuries, card games have been a part of our socio-cultural lives and they have always remained popular among all the age groups in our country. Even today, on various occasions and festivals, Indian families enjoy playing card games like rummy to add joy to their celebrations. Be it Diwali or any other family get-together, rummy remains the first choice of entertainment among card game lovers in India.

The popularity of this traditional card game among Indian families has also influenced the gaming industry to come up with virtual avatars of rummy. In India, various rummy game development companies have evolved in the last decade to attract potential tech-savvy rummy game players. Indeed, the game of rummy has taken the game industry by storm and there are various reasons for its humungous success.

Let’s go through the reasons that indicate why the love for rummy is driving the growth of the game industry.

1. Rummy is deeply rooted in our culture

The game of rummy is not a new thing for India. Most of us have seen someone or the other playing rummy since our childhood and many of us have played it too. The popularity of rummy has grown manifold with the shift of this traditional game to digital devices. The key reason for the digital rummy’s success is the familiarity of the people with this game. As the rules of the game and its traits are very alike its traditional version, what people only had to learn is just how to play it online. Things like playing the rummy moves in the given time restrictions and its virtual existence being quite similar to the real one, are a sheer adventure for the players and make the game more exciting.

2. Rummy has easy rules and is simple to play

Indians are fascinated with rummy because it has easy-to-understand rules and simple nature of play. Most importantly, having said that the game of rummy has easy rules and is simple to play, it doesn’t compromise on the entertainment part. Even those who are new to the game can learn the rules instantly and start playing it.

The game of rummy is simple. It’s basically a card-matching game, where the player has to use his logic and reasoning skills to arrange the right sets and sequences from the cards he gets.

3. Rummy is a socially accepted game

As compared to card games like Poker, where gambling or betting is done with the objective of making more money, Rummy is considered a game of skill that involves more of your mental, reasoning as well as cognitive capabilities to win the game. The best utilization of one’s skills is the reason why rummy is more socially accepted in India.

Today, there are various rummy game software options and apps available on the web that offer players a safe and transparent environment where they can utilize the best of their card game skills and win the games.

4. Rummy is an entertainment for all age groups in families

Rummy is a game that is a favorite among all age groups and generations. Irrespective of age differences, various family members play rummy and share the joy together. You can ask most of the traditional rummy players in India and they definitely will have some of the other good memories to share. The transition from traditional rummy to digital rummy has created a lot more scopes of joy and entertainment for Indian rummy players who have had a strong emotional connection with the game.

To fascinate such rummy lovers, there are lots of rummy software types available in the web world. Also, various rummy apps are offered for Android and iOS platforms that provide easy access to rummy to card game lovers.

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