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Poker and Rummy are the most popular card games of all ages. Earlier it was played in the physical mode with friends and family or played outside in Clubs. Nowadays, with the advent of the internet and smartphones, the popularity of online rummy games has increased by leaps and bounds. The competition is organized in a wide variety of formats, just like the tournaments in which the players can participate, and they can also win a good amount of money.

Various global entrepreneurs or business owners and investors find it the right area to invest in this online gaming industry and earn big out of it. So, they are contracting the expertise and skilled developers at higher payout to work for them and build something new and innovative using the various latest tools and technologies.

Most countries like the USA, Europe, India, etc., legally allow poker and rummy to be played online. But is it legally allowed to play rummy and poker games online in India, or should we need a product license to start the online poker & rummy business?

So, the answer is yes, online poker and rummy are legally allowed to be played because it is a skill-based games, so licensing is not required at all. According to the court ruling, playing games of skill like rummy and poker is considered a business activity. Therefore, the activity of playing a game of skill with real money is protected under Article 19[1](g) of the Constitution of India & is considered like any other business.


But you need to follow government rules to do business like registering a company, registering for Goods Service Tax (GST), etc. The company should be registered in only those states where real cash or money games are not banned.

Once you have all the business prerequisites recommended by the government to start your online rummy and poker business, hire the best rummy & poker software company and let them know your requirements. The skilled & experienced companies who have a foothold in this business for years shall be the proper guidance for you. These shall be helping with the best interface, website & app, and also seamless support.

One such company is Mobzway Technologies. We will help you grow and raise your business to the next level. The expertise and skillful team of developers & support team working day and night for overall customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Mobzway as Your Online Poker and Rummy Game Development Company

It has evolved as one of the leading industry leaders in the online casino gaming industry. The company offers the best poker and Rummy Game Software Services not just in India but also abroad. They always strive for excellence as we have developed numerous online games and apps with state-of-the-art technology.

The number one priority is customer satisfaction through sophisticated poker and rummy game apps and websites. So developers are at your beck and call, and the services are geared towards excellence in poker and rummy game application development. They prioritize customers’ needs & expectations and dedicatedly work over them. So feel free to join our vast and satisfied poker and rummy game clientele base to experience secure, bug-free, and feature-rich gaming solutions. They are the proven players in this dynamic industry, and the rapid growth in their popularity is a clear indication.

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