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Over the years, iGaming has emerged as a popular option of entertainment. As a result, many aspiring gamers, developers, and investors are looking for the latest and unique ideas in order to excel in their respective professions. Therefore, people are extensively covering such popular topics through video and blog content.

If you are into the world of tech writing, here, at our platform, you can showcase your skill to the world as a whole. Unlike most of the websites, you will get the credit of your work, which in the long run, will add weightage to your portfolio. If you are associated with any online game development service or Software Development services, it is highly recommended to give an insight into your unique works, and the ongoing transformation that the industry is going through. Besides, you also have the option to write about Gaming News and other activities related to the online gaming industry. Such valuable information will help tens of thousands of aspiring professionals.

What Are Our Requirements?

We only prefer fresh and quality content that readers can find knowledgeable because of its format, depth of information and ideas etc.

Content Categories & Industries:

Generally, there is no restriction for a particular category. You can submit informative content on any trending topic. Generally, we cover these categories:

  • Latest Gaming Trends
  • Game Development
  • Gaming Technology
  • iGaming Softwares

Writing Guideline

1. The Originality of the Content

We expect you to write original content, which is not copied from any other third party sources. Any sorts of proven plagiarism might result in a lifetime restriction on you to publish content on our platform.

2. Content Rights

Once the content is approved from our end, you will be restricted from using the same content for any other purposes. Using the same content for other means will be treated as a serious violation of the agreement.

3. Length of Your Content

The minimum word count for each blog is 1000. However, we expect you to maintain quality throughout the content.

4. Multimedia

Though it is not necessary, we advise you to include images, videos, and URLs related to the topic in your content. Such additions will easily impress the audience.

5. Format of the Content

While writing, you need to make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Use American English
  • Use proper grammar rules
  • Shorter paragraphs (ideally 3-4 sentences)
  • Write in list format
  • Maintain the flow of the content
  • Edit properly
  • Your file should be in google doc and microsoft doc format.

6. Important Instruction

If you are associated with any software developing agencies, before the submission of the content, you need to disclose the information to us. Besides, if required, you might be asked to edit a certain part of your blog.

How To Submit Your Guest Post Content

Here, you can directly submit your guest blog with the required information about the author of the content. Our experts will review the article and carry out the quality check. If your content successfully clears the set parameter, we will publish your blog on this website. Once we approve your article, you will be notified about the same.

Do share your knowledge with us and become a part of our success. In return, we will offer you the much-required recognition in the writing industry.Just reach out to us on editor@mobzway.com

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