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Do you possess a knack and talent for jotting down your thought process in a clear and well-structured manner? Are you passionate about the online gaming industry? Have you ever played online games? If so, then you have come to the right place. We welcome writers from a variety of fields to contribute to us. If you have played online casino games, rummy, 3 Patti, online ludo, or online poker and wish to write about the same, Mobzway is the platform to showcase your talent and passion.

If you are into the world of tech writing, here, at our platform, you can showcase your skill to the world as a whole. Unlike most of the websites, you will get the credit of your work, which in the long run, will add weightage to your portfolio. If you are associated with any online game development service or Software Development services, it is highly recommended to give an insight into your unique works, and the ongoing transformation that the industry is going through. Besides, you also have the option to write about Gaming News and other activities related to the online gaming industry. Such valuable information will help tens of thousands of aspiring professionals.

What are the potential topics that you can write on

If our organization has excited your gray matter, and you wish to submit a guest post, you must be wondering what you can write on. As we have already mentioned, we offer online gaming solutions. So, your write-up should be focussed on the range of products that we offer. For a detailed understanding and comprehensive understanding of our products, kindly visit our website and look at the online gaming solutions we provide. The areas that you can write on are:

  • Latest Gaming Trends - you can always write about the newest gaming trends in the niche of the online gaming industry.
  • Poker Game Development- This is a niche where we focus on software development. There are different variants of poker that our game developers work on by using advanced technology.
  • Rummy Game Development - We are dedicated to providing the best online rummy software at competitive rates, and our software works on both iOS and Android. Our popular Rummy variants include Point Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy.
  • Teen Patti Game Development - With popular variants like Muflis, Revolving Joker, and AK47 3 patti games, we are dedicated to providing the best Teen patti solutions for business purposes.
  • Casino Game Development- Apart from India, our casino game development is recognized in the UK and USA. Our casino software is updated with the latest features, and we provide perfect casino solutions for business enterprises.
  • Ludo Game Development- Our team of developers use cutting-edge technology and HTML 5 to develop engaging ludo software that runs on Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop. varied screen sizes.
  • Card Game Development - Our card game platform provides popular variants like casino cards, skill-based cards, and multiplayer card games. Our core team of developers provide a complete card game app development solution to assist business organizations.
  • iGaming Softwares- our company offers engaging pool gaming solutions by the latest trend of the market. Our pool gaming solutions are affordable and shall boost businesses.

We also have other game development solutions like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, andar bahar, slot, triple chance, Seven stud poker.

  • iGaming Software / Gaming Technology / Gaming licenses - You can choose any of these and write on them. Besides, we also provide Gaming Technology, iGaming Software, and Gaming Licenses. Some of the other essential domains we provide are Gaming Technology, iGaming software, and gaming licenses. So, if you are interested in software and technology or gaming licensing, you can choose to write on these topics as well.

    Writing for us contributing to our vision shall deepen your understanding of the subject matter and sharpen your writing skills. Your writings shall be uploaded by us under the umbrella term of guest post for Mobzway Technology.

Guidelines for the Editorial Content

Let us quickly look at our website guidelines, which you must follow if you wish to publish your content for us.

1. Careful selection of topics

Before you start writing for us, be very sure about the topic you wish to work on. Work on the issues that you have a better understanding of. We offer a range of topics to work on, like i-gaming software solutions, white label casino software, live casino software, etc. Besides, we have different gaming services like Poker, Rummy, 3 Patti, Pool, Card, Ludo gaming solutions. You can choose to write on anything that you wish to write on. But, be sure to add relevant information and read about our existing blogs to understand the kind and quality of content better.

2. Meaningful and relevant methodology

The articles and blogs you write for us should be clear and concise. Your method, observation, and argument must have a clear message. The content should also have clear and logical arguments which are easy to understand. We always promote quality writing. Your statements should strive to be engaging. Besides, the tone and voice should be appropriate. Any use of harsh or inappropriate language shall disqualify your submission right away.

3. Non- plagiarised content

We do not allow any kind of plagiarized content. Whatever you wish to write must be original, and your content should not have been published anywhere else. Do not quote from any other sources without proper referencing. Before submitting your article, run it through online plagiarism checkers.

4. Word count of the articles

The articles that you write should be between 1000 to 1500 words. If you are using any external source or secondary materials, the referencing of the same should be included within this content only.

5. No promotion

Please remember that in any written piece, you are not allowed to promote any other product which is not available on our official website. Doing so shall instantly disqualify your written article from getting published.

6. Proper Formatting

The blogs or any other write-up that you wish to submit must be appropriately formatted as well. Your write-up should also have bullet points and tables apart from proper headings and subheadings. Besides, if you are using any table, format them accordingly before submitting the same.

7. Edit properly

Before submitting your article, double-check everything. Ensure that there are no or minimal grammatical errors. You can use any popular online grammar checker for this. Besides, there should be coherence in your writing, and all the ideas should be logically and systematically connected.

8. Don't forget to add FAQs

Write before concluding the article or the blog, do ensure that you add good FAQs or frequently asked questions. They make any piece of writing more engaging and add up to the readability of the same. For FAQs, use relevant questions with crisp and to-the-point answers. Do not beat around the bush while answering the FAQs.

9. Review Process

Once you submit your article, it shall be reviewed by our team. Depending on the requirements of our organization, you may have to edit some parts of your writing. It shall take around 2-3 business days before we get back to you, and only after the editing process is complete it shall be published on our website.

What we do not allow to be published?

Now, let us have a quick look at the content we do not publish. If you wish to sponsor a post, this shall enable you to better understand our requirements, and you can prepare accordingly.

1. Incorrect or false data

First, we do not allow any kind of false and misinformed data to be published on our website. SO, prepare well and read about the available material thoroughly before writing anything. The sources and sites that you use should be authentic.

2. Plagiarized content

Then, plagiarized content is strictly forbidden. Whatever you write should be original and not published anywhere before. Even if you borrow from any secondary material, do quote the same and refer to the same.

3. Irrelevant subject-matter

Moreover, the topics should be relevant and related to our organization. Last, the language you use should be easy to understand and reader-friendly.

4. Harsh language

We do not allow any harsh or jarring words on our website. Maintain a friendly tone throughout the article. Avoid any abusive comments and debatable ideas.

How To Submit Your Guest Post Content

Here, you can directly submit your guest blog with the required information about the author of the content. Our experts will review the article and carry out the quality check. If your content successfully clears the set parameter, we will publish your blog on this website. Once we approve your article, you will be notified about the same.

Do share your knowledge with us and become a part of our success. In return, we will offer you the much-required recognition in the writing industry.Just reach out to us on [email protected]

Concluding Remarks:

So, that's it! We are looking forward to receiving some great articles, and we'd love to collaborate with you. I hope that our guidelines are helpful to you, as they assure that your submitted article is reviewed correctly and hopefully approved. If your submitted article meets our requirements, we will get back to you to discuss the following steps to publish your article. Happy Writing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the process, and how to reach us?

Once you have decided on the topic and written your article or blog, check and make your write-up as error-free as possible. You can submit guest posts or sponsor a post for us. Afterwards, you are expected to reach out to us at [email protected], and we shall get back to us soon after you submit your manuscript. We shall discuss the next steps after that. Remember that once you submit your manuscript and publish it, the copyright for the guest post shall stay with our company. Therefore, you shall not be able to publish that article anywhere else.

Q2. How long should my post be?

Ideally, your post should be between 1000 to 1500 words.

Q3. Can I repost my articles on other sites?

No, once your articles are selected by Our Editors and published on our website, you are strictly forbidden to post them anywhere else.

Q4. Do I have to add keywords in my post?

Yes, please add relevant keywords to your articles before submitting the articles for publication.

Q5. Will the content editor edit my post?

Yes, the content editor will extensively edit your article. You might be asked to rework some portions of your article as well.

Q6. How can you find us?

You can find us by using advanced search operators such as "Mobzway Technologies" + "write for us", "Online gaming solutions" + "write for us", "online rummy" + "write for us", "online poker" + "write for us", "online teen patti" + "write for us", "online casino" + "write for us", and many more different combinations.