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Sonu Singhal  /   4 minutes

It has now been a year since the lockdown was imposed on March 23, 2020. At that time there was just only one thought in the mind of every person – when will things get normal? However, that was a very wrong question. We had to adjust to a new normal in the days and months that followed. Everyone was locked away from work, and from entertainment as well. It was at that time people turned to the new normal – online jobs, and online entertainment.

Many games found their way into our homes and one of those was a game we all have loved since we were kids. Yes, I am talking about Ludo.  You cannot expect this game to bore you at any stage of the game. A Ludo Game Development company must ensure that the Ludo Game Developer knows about the essential features of the Ludo Game while developing it.

Essential Features of a Ludo Game Development 

Any Ludo Game Development company needs to come up with a Ludo app that has the best features.  The more features the game has the more will be the number of users who will connect to the game. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features of a Ludo Game.

  1. Better UI/UX: Any app that needs to be liked by the users needs to have a good UI and a better UX. Navigation to various options has to be simple. At one look the user must know which option does what.
  2. Easy Deposit & Withdrawal Options: In games, there are plenty of ways the players can win real money. The winner can get the money instantly transferred to his bank account or payment apps like PayTM or any such payment gateway.
  3. Modes of Play: The game must offer various modes of play such as Challenge, tournament, or with computer.  These players can play on the same mobile taking turns, or be connected through the Internet.
  4. Platforms: The game must be available on more than one platform. This increases the user base and the number of downloads will go up. Today every game is built for at least three platforms i.e. Android, iOS, and the Web. 
  5. Themes: Themes are an interesting part of any game these days. You can use themes such as Nature, Marble, Stones, etc. Depending upon the selection the entire UI of the game including the board, the dice, and the stats gets a new appearance.
  6. Multiple Languages: Having a number of languages in the game allows the user to easily understand the instructions to play the game and the messages and notifications that the game may come up with now and then.
  7. Tournaments: By offering a chance to play in tournaments, the game is offering rewards to the participating players when they win.  Tournaments are always paid for, and if the number of participating players is more, the rewards tend to increase.
  8. Bonus: Bonuses are provided daily. If the users are playing the game daily, they may get a huge bonus after some time. Using the bonus coins, the users may be able to buy extra resources for the game.
  9. Application Size: The application should be so built that the size of the application is minimal.  To do so the developers can eliminate any unwanted code from the application. The platform and the languages used for developing the application also play a role in deciding the size of the application.
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Modes of Play in the Ludo Game App

The Ludo Game has the following modes in which a user of the game can play:

  1. 4 House: This mode allows the user to play the game by clicking the Play Now button in the 4 House option. The player is assigned with 4 pawns which can only leave their base when they roll a six on the dice. The motive of the game is to reach the Home before others can. All the pawns must be kept safe to reach their destination else they have to start all over again. The game starts when all the players have joined.
  2. 1 House:  This is the same as 4 House except that the players need to make only 1 of the 4 pawns reach the Home before the others.
  3. Timer: This is a new addition to the game. The players get a limited number of moves to score the maximum points that are shown in the base. The game finishes when the timer shows 00:00. Every move gives 1 point and finishing in the house gives 56 reward points.  The player with the maximum points wins. 
  4. Challenge: The option allows the player to join a board where opponents are already present. All opponent tables that are ready to play can be seen under the challenge option. A player can create a challenge for other players. 
  5. Private Board: Create a private board and provide a join code to your friends with whom you want to play.

Let’s Conclude

The Ludo game is one which has been entertaining us since childhood. Now that it is available online and on our mobiles, a number of options have been and can be added to the game. A good user interface and a better user experience make the app more popular with the users. The availability of the app on various platforms adds to its popularity. To make it more interesting, tournaments and themes are added.

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