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Sonu Singhal  /   4 minutes

Online sports are becoming popular day by day all across India. Irrespective of age group, region, and financial stability, people are actively involved in various online games. There are several games available on the internet; however, the popularity of those games that help users win money has shown rapid growth.

These games not only offer the fun of gameplay but also provide an opportunity to win a large amount of money that, in turn, can change one’s fortune. The involvement of real money in these games also offers a sense of excitement in the gameplay that users live to experience.

Online Rummy and fantasy sports are two of the most popular forms of online gaming present on the internet today, and it might be confusing for investors to choose one among them for their business. 

Here, in this article, you will get a comparison-based study between these two to know which one can be a profitable affair in a market like India.

1. Players’ Engagement

If you compare the average time a player spends on both these platforms, you will be surprised to notice that the engagement in the online Rummy game is significantly higher than that of fantasy games. As the players play more, from a business point of view, the chances of generating revenues increase significantly. Therefore, in this aspect, online Rummy has a clear advantage over Fantasy sports. 

2. Less Dependency on External Factors

Fantasy games are completely dependent on real-time matches. However, when no match is scheduled, the players have no scope to play the game. However, the same is not the case with online Rummy, as one can play online Rummy at any given time, depending upon one's availability. As a result, if you go with online rummy game development, you can expect more regular traffic on your platform. 

3. The Popularity of Rummy in India

In India, Rummy is a traditional form of a game; as a result, most people are aware of the rules of the game or at least know the basics. Therefore, you do not need to train them to play the online rummy game. But, Fantasy games are quite new for Indian audiences. Therefore, you need to put considerable effort in order to train your potential users to play the game.


4. Existing Player Base

As mentioned earlier, Rummy is quite popular in the Indian market. The game has been played on various online and offline platforms for the last couple of decades. As a result, a huge player base already exists in India. By developing a quality online Rummy game, you can take advantage of the already existing popularity. But again, the same cannot be said for the Fantasy games, as they are quite new in the Indian market.

5. Less Dependence on the Luck Factor: Several Users

Many people make the mistake of assuming Rummy is a luck-based game, which is not true. Though luck plays a factor in the Rummy game, it is not everything to win a game consistently. You need a certain level of skill set in the Rummy game to improve your chances of winning. However, the same cannot be said for fantasy games. Even the players involved in your game do not know whether they will perform in that particular match or not. As a result, the fantasy game is completely luck-based. The sole advantage of a fantasy game over an online rummy game is a player having no skill can win a game over an experienced player.

The inclusion of skill factors in online Rummy games invites professional players to the platform. Professional players tend to invest a relatively larger amount of sum on each of their transactions. In that case, you can earn significantly more profit, and in the long run, it helps your business to become successful.

6. Game Developing Agencies

For a profitable venture, you need to have a quality application. In India, you will get plenty of options for developing both these games. However, if you judge solely based on quality, you will be surprised to know there is only a limited option to choose from. On the other hand, there are several quality service providers as far as rummy game app development is concerned. A large number of options and years of experience in rummy game development give a fair advantage to Rummy games over their fantasy counterparts.

7. Cost of Development

Low-cost development enhances the chances of a speedy recovery. Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for a business that requires a relatively low cost of investment. Though the cost of development is quite similar for both fantasy games and online rummy games, the maintenance cost is the real difference. You need a lot more maintenance in fantasy games in comparison to the online Rummy game. From an investment perspective, the online rummy game is a better bet for investors.

8. Universal Appeal

It is a well-known fact that Rummy is a universal game, quite popular across all corners of the world. If you are planning to invest in a fantasy game that is in India, the chances are quite high that you are going to focus more on cricket. Though cricket is extremely popular in India, it does not offer a universal appeal. Therefore, more often than not, your business will be limited to a specific geographic location, but the same cannot be said for the online Rummy game. By investing in online rummy, you can address a relatively larger population, and your potential customer count will increase in a significant manner.

Wrapping it off

By now, you must have realized that online Rummy games have a bigger scope than fantasy games. However, it is not as simple as it looks. For a successful venture, you are expected to choose the best-in-class Rummy Software Solution in India. As mentioned earlier, there are several rummy game development companies offering their services in India, and every second company is claiming to be the industry leader.

In such a scenario, it becomes quite difficult to choose a genuine firm offering a reliable solution. As a result, it is highly recommended to go through the portfolio of the company before making your final call. You can also take a look at the experience of the firm for better insight. Besides, you have the option to talk to their existing clients and research more on the reviews and ratings that they are getting.

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