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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Casino Style game has the highest spending and conversions of any genre

In the last few decades, the casino has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. By the end of the year 2017, the social casino sector alone is expected to generate $ 4.4 billion. Casino-style games have the highest spending and conversions of any genre. So this is the category that provides lucrative opportunities for gaming operators who are finding ways to increase their revenue.

Asia Pacific continues to be the global leader in the casino market

As the casino market continues to grow, Asia-Pacific is becoming the global leader. Macau being the crowning jewel of the region, even Singapore has also emerged as the casino hub. The market share of Asia Pacific to the total global casino market has increased from 29.2% in 2010 to around 43% in the year 2015. Even Japan is finalizing its casino legislation and casino operators are eyeing on Japan as another lucrative destination for investment. Significant expansion opportunities in the casino market are expected to rise in Brazil and India too and more casinos are opening up in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Atlantic City is trying to reposition itself as the sports betting hub.

Gambling legislation is changing in countries worldwide

Casinos throughout the world are trying to integrate their business with the chain of luxury hotels to increase their customer base. Casino operators are placing slot machines at bars, and restaurants to attract players. One of the biggest challenges in the online casino market is the gambling legislation which is different in various countries. Countries like the US and the Middle East allow online casino gaming and they do not ban gambling websites in their own countries as users can even access foreign websites with the proxy server and can play easily with an international credit or debit card.

Nationally regulated and taxed gaming market in China and South Africa

With the advent of online gaming, regulatory bodies of various countries are tightening their own regulatory approach. Countries like China and South Africa are taking positive action on the establishment of a nationally regulated and taxed gaming market. In Thailand, online gambling is quite popular. Thai place their bets on legal and licensed websites. People prefer UK betting sites which impart play in betting options and a high level of trust and reliability.

Social gaming is an attractive market to explore

The gaming sector is changing at a fast pace and there is increased pressure on both regulators and competitors to drive the transformation of the industry. Companies are coming up with gaming products that are optimized to provide players with social elements. Social gaming which was valued at 2.5 billion dollars in 2015 is an attractive market for gaming operators to explore.

The casino market offers high prospects in the future

Despite a great outlook in places like Macau and Singapore, casino growth in countries like Australia, and Malaysia has been adversely affected due to an increase in competition. Since the demand for casino games far outweighs the supply for the games available, the future of the casino industry seems solid in countries throughout the world in the coming times as well.

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