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Live dealer games differ from traditional online games due to the human interaction aspect, whereas ordinary online casino games only rely on the online casino software. 

8 Reasons why live Dealer games are popular

1. Variety of live Dealers

The dealers are many to select from and also offer live feedback not to forget, they are also very appealing to the eyes.

2. Better Internet & PC/Mobile Technology

Players can have uninterrupted online streaming gambling sessions due to an improvement in internet connectivity and technology. In the infancy stages of live dealer games, it was challenging to play uninterrupted without a technical hitch. The constant game hung was due to the lack of technological advancement, unlike presently.

3. More Features

Software providers have improved and upgraded the features of an online live dealer. Below are some of the added features:

  • Card Overlays —  The overlays make the player easily cards dealt and also their real values.
  • Full Screen — This feature now allows your screen display to maximize and display the entire table size, thus making it more captivating.
  • Virtual Chips — Virtual chips have been developed to enable you to see the chip denominations better.
  • Bet Behind — Bet behind now allows you to place a bet on the outcome of a seated player’s results if the live dealer table is pack.
  • Stop/Go Lights — The different colours show you how much time you have to place bets.
  • Tips — You can now give your favourite dealer a tip, just like in the old times.

 4. Wide range of games

The introduction of more games over the years has made live dealers attract masses. The attraction is after the introduction of games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean stud, Texas Holdem poker, among others.

5. Low Stakes and Bonuses

Stakes for all live dealer games have been decreased, making them affordable, unlike before. Bonuses like the deposit and loyal bonus also play a significant role in enticing clients and hence making live dealer games even more popular.

6. Mobile Compatibility

Since the introduction and advancement of smartphone technology, better graphics, and live gaming experience are in tandem with the latest online casino software’s.Mobile compatibility had dramatically increased the participant trajectory graph because compatible mobile phones are readily available, unlike before, when the live dealers were only available in computer pcs.

7. Improved Chat Function

Interaction with a dealer is swift and very effective.

8. Free Bets

Some casinos offer free bets that are exclusive to live dealer games making it more widespread. 

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