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Teen Patti, also known as Indian Poker, has always been the favorite among people, especially youths. Teen Patti has attained great fame in other countries too. As the world is digitizing and globalizing daily, the demand for online teen Patti becomes the priority. People like to play Teen Patti in online mode rather than offline.

Looking forward to this, companies are working towards building online teen patti like traditional ones. But, using the latest tools and technologies, they are trying to make it much more exciting. Also, teen Patti is nowadays available on multiple languages and platforms so that the audience reaches multifold every day.

Now the major question arises how much does it cost to develop an online teen patti game?

So, the answer is simple and straight it depends upon various major factors like:-

1. Work Quality of the Company - The cost of the game's development depends on the Software Quality & Post Delivery Support. Most people prefer to contract with well-known companies who have a long & better experience to deliver better Teen Patti Software rather than companies who are new to this type of game software as a means of trust. In a trusted & experienced company, the chances of accuracy & quality are high, and they are very punctual. That is why these companies are client’s or investors' first choice.

2. Game Features - The prices for developing the game can be higher if more features are added. It depends upon the individual requirements and what the company offers as a standard package.

3. Platform to Support - The online teen Patti game must support multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, etc. To reach more and more audiences, the application should be platform-independent.

4. Multiple Variations - It allows the users to play multiple variations of the same game. Playing one variant of the game for a longer period makes users bored, so the companies are trying to build multiple variations to take more interest and attention towards it.

5. Timely Updation - We must update the application on a timely basis as new updates come. The only thing required is the user must have proper and well-established internet connectivity that allows users to enjoy new updates and features, making the application a lot more interesting.

6. 24/7 Technical Support - While experiencing any of the game problems, a specialized support team will always be for you during online payment or in the login or registration process. If you face any problem, drop your query in the chat section, and it will be analyzed and solved as soon as possible.

All the parameters mentioned above will help you to determine the cost of Teen Patti game development.

If you are looking to hire a Teen Patti game developer to build a Teen Patti game with all the essential features for all platforms, then usually a ready-to-go live game software can be delivered and launched within a week, the all-inclusive cost can be in between Rs. 1 lakhs to 3 Lakhs with free lifetime game update, Hosting, 24x7 Support, and Maintenance.

A few unique game developers deliver ready-made, tried & tested Teen Patti software to help clients quickly offer complete managed solutions, which give clients great peace of mind. Here up to 1 lakh, players can play concurrently. These game developers are definitely above the competition. One such company is Mobzway Technologies.

It is an Indian game development company specializing in building multiplayer games such as Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti, and Ludo, and casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, and Dragon Tiger to mention a few.

We focus on bringing the best iGaming solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. The company also specializes in developing native mobile and HTML 5-based applications responsive to various browsers and platforms.

With a client base spread over 15+ countries globally, It has successfully delivered numerous iGaming products to budding entrepreneurs and large-scale gaming ventures.

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