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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

Rummy – the most common and played card game of India which was and still being played with the same passion and vigor among every sect of the Indian citizens have entered into an era. To catch up with the digital world, all you need is to stay at the same pace and yes rummy is also not untouched from the fact and has outgrown into "online rummy".

The Online Rummy Game is not only a resolution to the rummy lovers across the world but also provides a legal platform to fulfill the thirst of the betting enthusiasts. Although betting is banned in India as per the 1967 Supreme Court rule, rummy is considered to be the "game of skill" rather than the "game of chance" and hence is completely exempted from the consequences of betting online. Online Rummy Game Development has been an emerging and exciting field for all the innovative software programmers looking out to grab the opportunities in the industry.

Online Rummy Software allows actual betting comprising money transactions. Playing rummy online has paved up new horizons for the youngsters and card game addicts to indulge into an aroma of relief, calmness, and pleasure loaded with the additional benefit of earning money.

The Online Rummy Software is a major hit across the casinos in India which can be set up at five-star hotels or offshore vessels with proper permission from the Indian government in lieu with the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act 1976. The rummy portals pose a popular trend throughout the nation except for the states of Assam and Odisha where the games of skills are no exception from the game of chance as per the Assam Game and Betting Act, 1970, and the Orissa Prevention of Gaming Act, 1955.

The Online Rummy Software has concealed the illegitimate betting practices of the Indian youth into lawful money games played with skills and tactics. Playing Rummy is certainly a piece of cake for every age group but to relish it online the user needs to be 18 years of age or older.

The users can bet real money via purchasing chips by making digital payments. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of rummy players online in the recent past. The Rummy game is engrossing and allows you to earn money online by applying your logical skills in a refined manner.

Being legal and authentic, Rummy certainly dominates and has proved to be a milestone for the real money gaming industry in India. As per the online rummy software providers, their major audience lies across the age group of 25-50 years. Providing a safe environment to conduct hassle-free transactions is another challenge for the online rummy game development team, which has been taken care of with utmost dedication by them.

The Rummy Game not only helps you break the daily routine and de-stress your senses but also provokes your mind skills and offers a most feasible way of spending your leisure time says Ranjeet Rajotia, a frequent rummy player. He added, "it is a fun-filled experience wherein I get to relax, sharpen my mind and also might end up winning some cash". He has been a game lover for ages and plays the game at least twice a week or even more.

The love for rummy is ever increasing and hence the trend for online rummy playing which is showcased in the form of high retention rates on the leading rummy game portals. With widespread popularity and passion involved this card game has proved to be a legend among the Indian gaming domain and is going heights to fit in the expectations of the gadget addicts. The love for the game is on a continuous growth scale and has also imbibed a positivity to even bet real money without hesitation among the game enthusiasts.

In spite of online gaming being still on a developmental path in India, the popularity of the rummy game has broken every milestone and assures the online gaming industry with a bright future ahead!!

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