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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Card game lovers in India love betting on social occasions. And this, nowadays, has turned into a business.

A revolutionary change has been the arrival of online versions of all these card games. Card games such as ‘teen patti’ (three-card poker) and rummy are now moving from physical tables to virtual tables, targeting the set of right audiences willing to bet and play these games.

The growth of online card games has been very spiking in recent years; credited increasing popularity of gaming culture on mobile devices. It is reported that by 2023, the online gaming industry, primarily through handheld devices, will be valued at Rs. 11,880 crores approximately and will be bigger than the combined music and radio industry.

For entrepreneurs eyeing to set up their own online poker or rummy business, there are a variety of software options available at an affordable cost in the web world. The scope of growth in the gaming industry has motivated the ventures to explore these games to the level of niche.

Say, if you are looking forward to setting up an online teen patti business, then there are affordable teen patti game software options available. There are also multiple teen patti game development companies serving the niche card game business that can custom-tailor the right teen patti software as per your requirements.

Already, card games have been part of Indian tradition, but as the honorable Supreme Court of India declared card games such as rummy and poker the games of skill, the social acceptance of these games has increased manifold. However, in states like West Bengal, Nagaland, and Karnataka, games like poker are not permitted by law. Similarly, other states also have their own rules specific to the card games.

But to avoid the legal hurdle, online card game platforms allow ‘play money’ versions to the players wherein they need to buy online chips or coins (in-game currency) to play. This not only gives them the sheer joy of playing virtual card games almost similar to the real ones but also creates bigger opportunities to bet and earn.

Through this business model, there are various gaming platforms that have made profit margins as high as 35%. Also, subscriptions and in-app purchases offered in these online card games have been reported to contribute to around 90% of the revenue.

The card game platforms understand very well that they need to be customer-centric and hence, they are becoming very cautious about the transparency and credibility part. They have been taking pre-emptive measures to ensure responsible gaming on these online card game platforms.

According to Annie, the analytics and market insights app, in 2020 two of the top ten grossing apps on India’s Google Playstore are online card game apps. And the fact is that these two apps are ‘Teen Patti’ apps. This notable insight underlines that the Indians’ liking for the Teen Patti game is largely driving the mobile gaming industry.

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