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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

When online games got the attention of Indian users, some of the games that became the favorites were Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and PUBG. However, as they say, nothing lasts forever; these games slipped down in rating when India went into the COVID-19 lockdown. The games that then came ahead were card games like Online Rummy Game, where users could not only play but also earn big money. These games allow their users to win big, and they also provide cash in the form of signup bonuses which they could use within the game. 

These incentives and more made Rummy a popular name among online Indian users. However, change is the law of nature, and change did happen. During the lockdown, users started shifting from Rummy and other card games to a game we all have played since childhood – Ludo. The Online Ludo Game is very similar to the Ludo we have played. Roll a dice; make a move according to the number on the dice, reach home position before anyone else does, and win.

Features of Rummy Game

When the Online Rummy Game Development is in progress, the following features are considered:  

  1. Simple to Use: No terms and conditions. Just register and start playing. Rummy also has very easy navigation so that first-time users can also understand the game easily.
  2. Download and Play: Downloading doesn’t take much time. Only a few seconds, and you are ready to play. The app is available for iOS as well as Android.
  3. Promotions and Offers: During gameplay, Rummy offers many promotions and offers. You need to click to avail them.
  4. Clutter-Free: There are no banners or app promotions while the game is in play. This saves the users from distractions, and he/she can focus on the game.
  5. Add and Withdraw Cash: The Rummy game also provides payment gateways through which you can either add the payment to the game or withdraw from the game when you win.

Features of the Ludo Game

During the Online Ludo Game development, developers take care that every feature present in the board game also exists in the online version. Therefore, features of the online Ludo Game are given below:

  1. Simple and User Friendly: The Ludo game app is as simple as the board version. A first-time user of the app will not need any guide to play the game. All options are easily navigable.
  2. Multiple Platforms: Available on all the major platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. The game can also sync across multiple devices with different platforms. This increases the user base of the game.
  3. Ludo Game Modes: Various modes to play the Ludo Game include:
    • 4 House: As soon as the users click the Play Now button, each of the four players is assigned four pawns. A pawn can only leave the base if the player rolls the dice for a six. Once out of the base, the pawn moves according to the numbers rolled. The player whose all pawns reach home before the others is declared the winner.
    • 1 House: All rules as in 4 Houses except one. To win, the player needs to ensure that any of the four pawns need to reach home before the others win.
    • Timer: A new type added to the Ludo where players are restricted by time. The moment the clock strikes 00:00, gameplay stops. The player with the maximum points wins. Every move by the player is awarded 1 point. Those who reach home are awarded 56 points. 
    • Challenge: Players in this mode are allowed to join a board that already has players in it. All the boards that are ready to play can be seen under the challenge option. Any player can create a challenge where others can join him.
    • Private Board: One player can create a private board and send a code to others who want to play with him/her. Such an option is good when friends or family members want to play privately.

So Who Wins?

We just analyzed the features of the two apps. As per the features, it does not look apparent that one game app can replace another. So, everything comes down to statistics then. Rummy, in 2015, had a revenue of just $US 58 million that rose to $US 335 million by 2019 and is expected to reach $US 1400 million. On the other hand, Ludo has an 18.9 crore monthly active user base and its market share in the year 2020 was 79% of the entire market. The figures speak for themselves. 

Pre-lockdown, the user base for Ludo was just 15 million users, while in May 2020, the user base had swelled to a 251million. Rummy game, a skill game as per a ruling by the Supreme Court, also grew by a whopping 150% in player deposits. However, it has been the Ludo game that managed to become the King of the Online Gaming Industry unopposed. The game is there to stay, lockdown or not.

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