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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

During and after the lockdown even, Indians got fascinated by online games. We learned to live away from them – at home. However, we also learned to work from home, buy from home, celebrate at home, and even entertain ourselves. As kids, we all played board games like Ludo, Monopoly, etc. These games are all available in the same format but with some added options online on our desktops, laptops, and mobiles. One of these games that got the attention of millions of users has been the Online Ludo Game.

The game has become so popular with its users that every gaming company has special Ludo game developers on their team, and if they don’t have one, they can hire Ludo game developers. Before going into the other aspects of Ludo game app development, let us learn the basics of the Ludo Game. 

About the Ludo Game

Ludo is an Indian Board game that can have two or four players. Each player turns, rolling the dice and moving ahead as many steps as indicated on the dice. The winner is the one who reaches the home position first. The online game has many variants coming from different companies. The primary modes of any Ludo game include the following:

  1. Guest Mode: Every player doesn't need to sign up and then play. The Ludo Game app allows the users to play as guests. The second player, in this case, is the Computer.
  2. Online Multiplayer Mode: 2 or 4 Players connected through the internet can play the game in this mode. The game continues till there are two players on the board.
  3. Play with Friends: This mode is played in a private group. A code is shared among the players who want to be a part of the group.
  4. Online/Offline Mode: There is nothing to worry about for those who do not have an internet connection. Users can play this game both in the online as well as offline mode.

Besides this, the online ludo game also has themes from which the user can select a favorite one while playing the game. Language is yet another option. The user can play the game using any of the languages that suit them best. Tournaments, rankings, and bonuses make the game even more exciting, and these all are a part of the online Ludo game. Above all, the game is free.

The popularity of the Ludo Game App

Some of the factors that contributed to the Ludo game app becoming a household name in India are:

  1. The Lockdown: It was somewhere in 2018 that Indian gaming fans started to look for online games. However, the full potential of online games was realized only in 2020 when the Gov. of India forced a nationwide lockdown. During the lockdown season, the two things that gained importance were the OTT platform and Online Gaming. Online gaming also grew since it was following the slogan “STAY HOME STAY SAFE”. India is currently the most significant emerging market for gaming downloads. During the lockdown in India, the gaming platforms saw a surge of 60-70%.
  2. Maximum Rise in Board Games: Of all the segments of games being played online, the maximum rise has been recorded in board games. As young as 25 and as old as 55 (myself included), users play board games like Ludo. The Ludo game has recently seen a rise in the number of females playing this game.
  3. Platforms: The Ludo game is available on various platforms such as Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. The maximum number of users exist for Android in the Asian continent and on iOS for the Americas and Europe. Ludo is an Indian game, but its online counterpart became global when available on these three platforms.

Be A Part of the Revolution

The Indian gaming market has most of its users in the youth category. The Indian gaming industry has a revenue of $930 million and is expected to grow by 41%. Before 2019, the Indian gaming industry was a sad scene, but all changed with the lockdown. Simple games like Ludo took over from games like PUBG. Before the lockdown, India had 300 million mobile gamers, but this number saw a steep rise of 200% in the user base within a year. In just three months, the Ludo game had more than 400 million installs. The Ludo game app has become the app of the nation. So what are you waiting for? It is high time you had one of your own Ludo Games. Hire developers from a Ludo Game Software Development company and get going.

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