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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Currently, Asia is the biggest gambling market in the world, considering over 60% of the world's population resides there. This key factor has attracted major online casino industries who also want a piece of the cake. The expanding world economies found in Asia with an online casino industry's possible growth are currently China, Japan, and India. However, besides the market being untapped in the gambling investors' eyes, the market is so unique both economically and culturally compared to the European one.

Top Asian country's policies concerning online casino industries 

  • China: China has a state-sponsored Chinese sports lottery; however, it offers poor returns to gamblers. The outlook for the future legalization of international markets is bleak.
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong has legalized all forms of gambling. Citizens are also allowed to gamble using international online betting platforms. Hong Kong heavily regulates gambling, although, in the future, gambling policies are likely to tone down.
  • Japan: In Japan, the country does not currently allow operators to open land-based casinos, although Online gambling operators are allowed to operate, and residents are also able to gamble. Full legalization is to be active soon.
  • The Philippines: In the Philippines, land-based casino operators have licenses to allow online sports gambling for residents only. Although international online gambling operators are allowed to operate in the Philippines, citizens are not encouraged to use the services. The future looks promising as there are hints to legalize more forms of online gambling in the country entirely.
  • Macau: Macau is the largest and world's most famous gambling city based in Asia. Gambling is legal, be it land-based or online

4 Reasons why the Asian market is Growing

  • Advanced online casino software: Improved casino software may have helped the growth of online markets in Asia. You can access the online casino without a hitch in that way.
  • Payment Methods: Asian players can now use a wide range of casino banking methods unlike before, e.g., Credit/debit cards, mobile phone payment, Cryptocurrencies, etc
  • Mobile Compatibility: Most online casino software in Asia is compatible with a variety of mobile devices, so the majority of players can play online casino games and even win real money at the comfort of their homes.
  • Legalization: Unlike beforewhen gambling in most Asian countries was illegalChina and Japan, among other states have changed positively towards partial or complete legalization of the gambling business. Some of the places in Asia where online gambling is legal include Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, etc.

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