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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

Pandemic coronavirus has changed people’s lifestyles altogether. Its major impact is seen in the way people have started living their lives because of social distancing.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the majority of the businesses are currently suffering huge losses and yearning for customers. In the times when everyone is avoiding gathering at the events and restricting themselves from visiting places of entertainment and amusement, the land-based poker clubs to are missing their fellow players. Similar is the case with the poker enthusiasts who desire to play poker with their pals and want to enjoy the game, but can’t do so just because of restrictions by the governments worldwide.

Well, for those who wish to play the game of poker remotely with their preferred players, Mobzway, the popular iGaming software provider is offering its poker platform to bring poker clubs online. During the lockdown, this initiative by the gaming company, Mobzway would allow the land-based poker clubs to open online gaming opportunities for their players.

On these online poker clubs, the poker lovers can hassle-free enjoy their favorite games with fellow companions and even socialize with them by interacting while playing. All this is possible for the players from the convenience of their homes. Moreover, such an option allows both the operators as well as the players to ditch lockdown restrictions.

Let’s go over the advantages of the online poker platform for clubs offered by Mobzway to facilitate poker players during the lockdown.

1. 24 X 7 Poker Gaming

The biggest advantage of online poker clubs is that the players will be able to play the 24 X 7. They can find a game or tournament round the clock and leverage the private online poker clubs to play their favorite poker games.

2. Quicker Games and More Hands Per Hour

On a real poker table, the pace of a game mostly depends on how fast the dealer is able to shuffle and deal the cards. At times it takes so much time that people even end up losing concentration in the game and ultimately resulting in a loss. However, in the case of online poker, things happen quicker and faster which brings more excitement and action to the games.

3. Play from the Comfort of Your Home

No matter if you are located in China, India, Australia, or any other part of the world, the online version of poker clubs allows you to play the games whenever you want and wherever you want. You can play even while sitting in your bedroom or living room as there are no restrictions. The online poker clubs do not need to travel anywhere hence, you also go with the lockdown laws by being inside your home. Also, the best part is that you do not have to give tips to the dealers and you can eat and drink whatever you want from your refrigerator. Cool, isn’t it?

4. Variety of Poker Games Available

In the case of the real poker room, there are limited choices for joining a tournament or a cash table. However, if you along with your friends prefer playing the game in the online poker club, you have a variety of choices to start the game. You can start playing with the lowest buy-in and play any game of your choice such as No-limit Hold’em, PLO (Pot-limit Omaha), 5 Card Omaha, etc.

5. Economical as compared to Traditional Poker Games

Compared to traditional casinos, playing poker in an online poker club is very cheap. You don’t have to pay for the costs of the bricks and mortar of the casino. Hence, you end up saving more while playing on online poker clubs.

Online poker clubs are a great solution in times when the gaming industry is the only vertical that is driving a high number of customers. These online poker clubs create big opportunities for offline clubs to amplify their business in the internet world and create a convenient and nearest-to-reality poker gaming experience for their existing players.


Casino operators can get in touch with Mobzway to give their business a fresh start in the online poker space and utilize the platform offered by the gaming company to set up poker clubs online.

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