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The history of card games in India is interesting as the many variations played in the country today. Playing cards were invented in Imperial China. The first Card games came to India with the Mughal Empire, They introduced a “Ganjifa”. The number of games that were created in India and became very popular worldwide. Most games in India are played for leisure, but back in rural areas and even urban areas, people are betting for money and for the extra excitement of these card games.

From the last few years, we had seen rapid growth in the popularity of card games, thanks to the online card games in India. There are a number of card games played in India but the top most popular card games are:-

Teen Patti:- As per its rules all player gets three cards. Then dealer arranges two sets of three cards in the middle with two cards closed and one card open in each set called game. The two cards of each set which are open assigned as a joker.

The highest-ranking combination win. The player can bid in between the game. Teen Patti is the most famous game in Indian society. People love to play Teen Patti with their family and friends during a festival like Diwali. There are no variants of the Teen Patti game as AK-47 — In this version Ace King, Four, and seven treated as a joker. A player can change any of the cards for a missing color or number.

Muflis:- In this variant player with least ranking combination win.

Nilanni:- It is to add extra money in the pot at the beginning of the game. But rules are followed as per the rules of Teen Patti.

3–2–1:- In this variant, three to six players can play. The dealer gives six cards to every player. The Player set the first set of three cards and the second set of two and three of one.

The Player has to guess which card can complete the sequence. In the first set of one card, a player with the highest card win player who wins the maximum number of times takes many other most played card games in India are:-

Teen-Do-Paanch:- It is played between three players. One player makes five hands, the second player has to make three hands and the dealer has to make two hands. As only 30 cards are used 22 cards are removed from the play. They are ace to seven of spades, hearts, and ace to eight of club and diamond. Players who make two hands in the game will make three hands in the next game similarly player making five hands in his game will make two hands in the next. A player making more hand at the end wins.

Satta Pe Satta:- In these games, any player can play a person who holds seven of the heart start the game. The player sitting hand to him can only play 6 or 8 of hearts. If he has does not have 6 or 8 hearts he can pass. If a player has 7 of any other suits namely diamond, a spade club card has to be played. It is a game of strategy and players finish their cards by blocking other cards to win.

India Rummy or Paplu:- Indian Rummy is a popular draw and discard based card game played all over India. The objective of the Rummy game has arranged all cards in proper sequences and/sets. There is a lot of fun just waiting to be experienced. 13 Cards Rummy game can be played with a minimum of 2 players. The dealer deals each player 13 cards face down. The rest of the deck is positioned face down and becomes the stockpile.

Poker:- Poker is one of the most played betting card games all over the world. In Poker winners are decided by a combination of playing cards. The number of cards held by a player can differ as per the rules of the place. Betting is done in-between games. Player considering his position of holding card bet. The game concludes when a person asks for a slow winner is chosen on the basis of the best combination.

Card games like Rummy and poker involve a lot of luck strategy and psychological interpretation. There are a number of card games in India but these are some most played card games.

Dehla Pakad (“Collect the Tens”):- Dehla Pakad is a 4 player card game played in India. The Dehla Pakad card game is very exciting and easy to learn. Dehla pakad is played with a single pack of 52 cards. 13 cards are distributed to each player. 5 cards are distributed in the 1st round and 4 cards each with two rounds.

The aim is to make 7 hands and collect a minimum of two 10s. Suppose a team makes seven hands and but another team Y gets three 10s, then team X would be the loser. If team X and Y get two 10s each, the team that gets seven hands wins the game.

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