Sudipta Saha  /   2 minutes

2020 is a year of excitement for online casino game lovers. Most Casino games software has been enhanced with new features and upgrades to increase user-friendliness and also maximize entertainment.

In the article, we are going to list down the top online casino games that we project to trend this year.


The rummy game will most likely trend this year. Besides being an all-time favorite card game. The casino game development has gone a notch higher this year by improving casino software to create smooth game-play and an even more interactive card game.

This year rummy has redefined itself by increasing more rewards and royalty towards customers, introducing more competitive tournaments and different game versions such as the pool rummy, point rummy, and deal rummy. Lastly, the rummy website is ideal for both mobile apps and websites.


Poker will top the charts this year. Players have the privilege to choose from a wide selection of poker versions that include the Pineapple, Razz, seven-card stud, Texas Holdem, five-card draw, etc. which provides players with a wide range of choices.

Poker involves a five-card hand where the best hand wins. The cards rank from the lowest to the highest. The cards comprise of a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, pair, two pair, etc.


This game is trending this year after an upgrade and new features added. The game entails players to match randomly selected numbers with those on their cards consistently.

The card game has a 5 X 5 matrix that represents each column with the letter BINGO. Winning the competition entails the player to form a specific straight line pattern and call out the word bingo is considered the winner.


The roulette is also an all-time favorite and will trend this year. The game involves players placing chips where they want to wager. A column comprises of 0-36 and also a 00. The game has an alternative betting place in the table for even odd, red black low/middle/ high 12, low 18- high -18, first/second/third columns.

The online roulette game provides players with the platform to wager from two to five numbers, also allowing them to cross bet in the additional betting platform.

The dealer then spins the wheel clockwise while the ball does in the opposite spin direction. The winner is usually determined when the ball lands in a specific slot number that defines a win.


Keno casino game will trend this year. The games' simplicity, ease of play, and the rewarding system make it accessible. Players have the opportunity to select between 1 to 80 numbers.

The player is usually allowed to pick a maximum of up to 20 numbers on a wager. The caller then announces 20 numbers that they randomly draw. The player gets an award when more numbers called are similar to the ones picked; hence the higher the numbers match, the higher the reward.


The online casino games are, without a doubt, upgraded to be more user-friendly, fun to play, and even secure. With technological advancements and compatibility of the casino apps, an increase in gamers numbers is expected 2020 in tandem with the trending online games.