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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

In recent years, online rummy investors have received an overwhelming response from gaming enthusiasts as well as budding entrepreneurs and investors. While on the B2C side, the online rummy has been able to engage a high number of players, on the B2B front, this online game has allowed many new ventures to establish their own gaming businesses.

Besides this, online rummy has also brought opportunities for business for many rummy game app development firms and companies. Most importantly, this online game has remarkably benefitted the exit-looking startup online rummy investors and garnered them handsome returns.

Many of the exit-starved startup investors have had a gala time with big returns on the online rummy games. Venture capital firms like Matrix Partners made 20X returns when they sold their stakes in a Hyderabad headquartered gaming company a few years ago. This is just one example. In fact, there have been multiple such scenarios wherein the investors have bagged manifold returns during exits.

Eye-opening past by online rummy investors communities

In the past few years, the online rummy investor community has shown some special interest in the gaming sector in India. Many iGaming startups in India have been able to raise a huge amount of investments from angel investors. The best part is that alongside the local investments in the gaming space, the overseas investments are also constantly increasing, especially from regions like the US and UK. These online rummy investors are utilizing the earned profits for further expansion into other card-based games.

Many budding online rummy companies are emerging. They are utilizing some experienced rummy game development companies like Mobzway to create a dedicated rummy software for their business or build a customized rummy website or iOS/Android game application. This emergence of new players is roping in new online rummy investors who look for long-term business objectives or have a short-term plan to exit the business in a few years with some handsome returns.     

The investment boom in rummy games in India has mainly been due to regulatory clarity. Since the Honourable Supreme Court of India recognizes Rummy as a game of skill, it allows more gaming enthusiasts to participate in the business and gives some assurance to the online rummy investors to have a safe business via domestic rummy investments.

If we have a look at the past 12 months (June 2019 to May 2020) Google Trends data for the search term “online rummy”, it indicates that post the outbreak of COVID-19 there has been a sudden rise in the number of players engaged in playing rummy online. Some might say that it could be because people had more time to spare on activities like gaming due to isolation and social distancing. But on the brighter side, it is indeed an indication that a larger number of people have shown interest in the online versions of rummy.

Likewise, this spike in the number of rummy players is very likely to convert many temporary rummy players to permanent rummy lovers, which again is a good sign from the investment point of view. In the near future, we may see more online rummy investors, who at this point in time are considering investing in emerging rummy startups, would then exit with big returns.     

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