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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Each one of us has played some game or the other in our lives. Right from card games to video games, our games list has been endless. Once played for recreation, the nature of these games has transformed into a source of income for various people. Today many people are playing games like rummy on a professional scale.

So, when you look at the global gaming market, you would identify that in 2019 it was valued at 151.55 billion (USD), and by 2025 it is expected to grow by 256.97 billion (USD). To make this happen, brands like Mobzway, Ace23rummy, Rummy Circle, etc. have highly been involved. Specifically, how it has led to rummy game development in the gaming industry at present. 

Rummy game development has been such an exception because of intervention mixing traditional games with the current technology. This has allowed players to play rummy using their mobile phones, tablets, or even laptop-like typical gamers. This also has led brands like Mobzway to lease their online rummy software as an online rummy software provider

How has this been possible?

On average, a gamer spends one-third of his/ her time playing games on their mobile phone. And 86% of players spend their money on games instead of spending that money on entertainment. Thus, gaming companies like Ace23rummy, Rummy Circle, etc. have utilized their resources to build a complementing technology apt for such gamers. 


Where these brands have uniquely worked on rummy game development, and have features like:-

  1. Cloud-based technology that connects multiple players on a single platform: This makes it highly effective and engaging for gamers, and players alone can choose between casual and rigorous practice games.
  2. Virtual gratification allows players to stay connected with the game. Features like unlocking a character at a set level allow users to enjoy the game despite having the right amount of breaks.
  3. Suites the market: The beauty of virtual rummy is that it has allowed rummy has previously been the traditional game for Indians. Mixing the popular game with UI and cloud-based technology has given rummy brands an edge over other gaming brands.

These games are both fun and challenging at the same time, and this is why rummy games across portals receive a footfall of nearly 1.7 lakh every week. Thus, with added features like prize money on rummy gaming portals, there are many highly motivated people to take rummy games.

In my opinion, this would continue to grow at least for the next five years because of three primary reasons.

  1. Ever-expanding smartphone users and affordable telecom services.
  2. Light apps are helping people connect. Where they can challenge one another and have fun at the same time.
  3. Bridging the game between traditional games and technological advancements in games.

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