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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes


The question of whether poker and rummy are games of skill or luck is probably one of the most debated questions ever asked in the history of card games. Poker and Rummy are both very different games but at the same time, both of these are trending a lot in casinos and the online gaming industry. Here is what we think about the confusion about whether poker and rummy are games of skill or luck?

If we were to answer whether rummy was a game of luck or not? Our answer to that would be yes and no. Rummy is a game of luck and skills. First, let's discuss what happens in a game of rummy. 

In rummy, each player gets a specific number of cards and from there the first player to turn all of their cards into melds wins the game. A player can pick a card from the undealt stack to make a meld and in return shed off a card back to the stack. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

But it's not that simple. To win the game, each player should have at least one pure sequence. After creating at least one pure sequence, the player must create impure sequences and sets. The player cannot win the game without turning all the cards into a pure sequence, impure sequence, and sets. Luck can be a little helpful in a game like this but building proper sequences and sets and then analyzing the chances of proper melds is purely a matter of skills.


Poker can be very fun to play because at first glance poker appears to be a game that is entirely dependent on luck but as you play it more and more, you start to understand that luck isn't as crucial in poker as having superior skills. In most forms of poker, you are first dealt off with 2 cards and must make your bet according to those two cards and as the game unfolds more cards are thrown at the table. 

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