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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

No one ever imagined that a pandemic like Coronavirus could occur in the 21st century when medical science is very advanced and at its highest levels. But it occurred and to everyone’s surprise, it adversely impacted not only our lifestyles but also the businesses.

The impact of lockdown is also seen on the land-based rummy clubs that earlier used to be filled with crowds of rummy lovers. Due to restrictions on social gatherings and shutdowns of businesses, these rummy clubs have lost their core culture and aren’t welcoming the players anymore. Now what we see is a big spike in the increasing popularity of online rummy clubs. The players are now getting connected to various online versions of rummy to enjoy the games and play freely with the same players with whom they used to play in clubs.  

Rummy has been one of the favorite card games played by the players face to face either at home or clubs. With the advancement in technology, it also got popularity in the internet world and now even offline rummy players are making their way to online clubs to enjoy the games. 

Due to the surge in demand for online rummy clubs, various rummy development companies are also offering their Rummy platforms to create private rummy clubs. One such facilitator is Mobzway, which is offering its rummy platform to create rummy clubs.

Mobzway specializes in building online rummy solutions and has a client base for online rummy software & sites across the world. This rummy development company has an experienced team that creates customized solutions for budding entrepreneurs and gaming companies. The online rummy platforms offered by Mobzway are HTML 5-based, which means they are responsive on multiple devices. Also, the rummy game development company provides rummy solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

The current situation will likely attract more players to play rummy in online clubs. And this offline-to-online shift will bring them some unexpected benefits. Now, let’s have a look at the benefits that online rummy clubs will offer to rummy players during the social distancing and lockdown times.

Benefits of Playing Rummy in Online Rummy Clubs During Lockdown

24X7 Engagement

Considering the lockdown situation, the biggest advantage the online rummy clubs offer is playing the rummy games ‘24X7’. You need not worry about the time foundation as players are available round the clock. Simply, you need to log in and access your favorite rummy game to enjoy betting. Moreover, obtaining these online rummy games is very easy as you need a smartphone a tablet, or a laptop to sign in.

A Great Way to Socialize During Social Distancing Times

The governments are currently focusing on social distancing to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Hence, the continuous isolation from the rest of the world has made people crave socializing. Since online rummy clubs have players from all around the world, you have an excellent opportunity to interact with them and quench your socializing thirst. In online rummy clubs, you play games with not only your friends but also with strangers. Also, you get an opportunity to improve your skills by playing with the experts. Thus, online rummy engages you socially as well as mentally.

Money-Making Alternate

On the internet, people always hunt for money-making options and if you are one of those skilled champs, who know rummy in and out then online rummy clubs could be a great alternative to make money online. During the lockdown, all you need is great skills to play rummy and you’ll have a higher probability of winning in an online rummy game.

A perfect way to kill time and de-stress

People who are currently going through lockdown situations are finding it hard to pass the time. Also, many people have started feeling stressed due to the continuous lockdown. In such a case, online rummy clubs can help you a lot. Rummy games last longer and keep you mentally and socially engaged, thus detoxing your thoughts. You can not only pass your time efficiently but also feel calmer, relaxed, and energized.

Safe and Secure

The online rummy club platforms match with optimum levels of safety and security so that you, as a player do not have to bear the stress of worrying about your money. During the lockdown, without fussing about payment security and data safety, you can enjoy your favorite rummy games online.


Considering the present scenario, it is very likely that the offline rummy players who so far have been enjoying face-to-face games at the clubs will shift towards the online versions of these games. Also, the technological improvements and increasing entertainment factors in online rummy games are expected to attract more offline players in the days to come.

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