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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Worldwide, people are mostly confused about the difference between skill-based game and gambling games, and they start categorizing the Poker, Rummy, and Fantasy games under gambling which is wrong.

The major difference between them is that playing a game in which the outcome is predominantly dependent on chance and not on the player’s skills, is gambling and the games in which a player uses their skills and IQ to win are skill-based games. Playing skill games is not a part of gambling. Despite the dependence on luck, games of skill like rummy and Poker require players to use their gaming skills to achieve success.

Furthermore, if the players cannot control the outcome of a game and it depends on chance, playing with money is gambling. Here, luck overrides players physically and mentally. However, in games of skill, players' skills are crucial for success. The outcome of a skill-based game depends upon the player's gaming skills and strategies adopted by him.


Skill Games VS Gambling Games

Online or Offline Poker, Rummy, or Fantasy games require knowledge and skill. The most important one is the experience to excel in this game. These skill-based games are completely legal in India and authorized by different legal institutions in India, so there is safe and better business growth here. The integrated payment gateway is integrated with the legal document verification process to facilitate instant deposit and withdrawal of money or cash online and supports the major payment gateways with Unified payment Interfaces (UPI). Also, clear official and authorized instructions for taxation legally under governmental policy ensure a low risk of threats and fraud. This expert team of developers and engineers is working towards building something new and innovative to provide an adventurous gaming experience.

Furthermore, Live Casinos, Random Number Generator (RNG) games, etc., are categorized as gambling games completely illegal in most countries and require no such skills or experience. It is a completely luck-based game where the chances to win or lose the game are uncertain or undefined. Therefore, it is completely unsafe, and the chances of fraud and threat to your security is more. 


Thus, playing a game of skills and gambling are separate worlds. While a game of skill sees players using their skills to win, in gambling, players cannot substantially influence the game's result and depend on luck to win. Rummy and Poker is a game of skill, and it’s perfectly legal to play cash and free Rummy and Poker games online. The risk and fraud in gambling games are the most as compared to a skill game. So, I prefer playing skill-based games rather than gambling games.

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