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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

No one expected that the outbreak of coronavirus aka COVID-19 will lead us to a stage wherein we will be left with no other choice but to stay indoors as much as possible. Since there’s no proven treatment for COVID-19, the only solution we are left with is to maintain social distancing. 

So far, we have been hearing and justifying what Aristotle said ⁠— ‘Man is by nature a social animal’, but COVID-19 has reversed our lifestyles and changed the thought processes. The current situation doesn’t really allow us to socialize with anyone, not even with our dearest friends or family members who live apart. 

But interestingly, for those who live apart amid lockdown and are abiding the rules of social distancing have explored a new way to engage with family and friends. The popular multiplayer games have become a favorite of such people and are helping them to kill loneliness and enjoy thoroughly with their fellow companions.

While the millennials, especially the Gen Z are finding pleasure in war games such as PUBG, Call of Duty and Fortnite, the families are staying socially connected through online versions of multiplayer traditional games such as Ludo King. Even the classics such as chess are allowing the duos to chill during social distancing times.   

The multiplayer games have been very appealing to the masses, especially during lockdown times all across the globe. Online gaming has been a major source of entertainment in recent times and it has added abundant new players to its list. 

With family and friends, people are also enjoying card games such as rummy and poker. Sources say that the iGaming industry has witnessed an increase in the number of players in recent times and the very reason appears to be the skill-based gaming with multiple players, who could be random ones or from your friend circle or family. 

India stands among the top five mobile gaming markets in the world and during the lockdown, there has been a significant rise of players. Casual gamers have turned out to be serious players just because they are able to socially connect with their friends, relatives, and even colleagues. A new way of enjoying time has been facilitated by multiplayer games and even bigger ventures like Paytm are showing more interest in this booming vertical. 

In the forthcoming months too, multiplayer gaming seems to attract more ‘social animals’ as hangouts are expected to reduce and people would seek alternate options to effectively utilize their time and entertain themselves. 

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