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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Traditional card games like rummy and poker, played by friends and families during certain occasions and festivals, have attracted a lot of gaming aficionados in recent years. And the due credit for this rising inclination towards card games goes to their digital transformation.

The availability of online versions of these card games and the ease of their access through devices like mobiles and tablets have grown the online card game industry manifold. Interestingly, the online gaming industry today stands larger in size than the combined music and radio industry.

In recent years, there has been an aggressive card game development in the country which has led to the establishment of new gaming ventures. The niche card game enterprises also evolved in the last few years and have created opportunities in the dedicated poker game development and rummy game development sectors.

As card game lovers in India were already familiar with the traits of games like rummy and poker, they accepted the online versions of these games whole-heartedly. The ease of playing these games anywhere and at any given point of time turned out to be the biggest engagement drivers. Moreover, accessibility through smartphones and low-cost internet connectivity further did the job and allowed players to experience the nearest to reality games.

There have been multiple technology trends that have shaped the online card game business in India. Let’s go over these trends and know-how have they impacted the domestic online card game industry:

1. Mass Appealing Games

The gaming enterprises have transformed the traditional card games into a refreshed avatar, making them mass appealing. The core of these games is not limited to any age group that allows a larger number of players to participate and play the games.

As technology is way beyond the limits of boundaries, the user base of these games has risen in recent years. Added to this, the cheaper internet costs have further augmented the charm of the card games, as players now do not need to worry about the data charges. For entertainment, apart from music and television, gaming has also become the essential part of tech-savvy masses these days.

2. Delighters such as Cash & Rewards

For online gamers, real money games have been one of the biggest incentives. There are numerous rummy and poker gaming platforms that allow the players to win thousands and lakhs of rupees. Having a good set of gaming skill and winning rewards or cash has been a big delighter for the online card game players.

3. Gaming Challenges & Levels

Apart from rewards or cash, the card game enthusiasts, also look forward to experiencing the thrill and excitement of playing games that are close to reality. And the online games like rummy and poker have been very successful in offering the same to the players, that too at the convenience of any given time and any given place.

Also, these players do not have to worry about the transaction security part as the card game software development companies ensure that robust security systems are deployed for safer transactions.

Bigger Enterprises Jumping In

The spiking growth of the online card game industry in India has motivated bigger players to jump in and invest bigger sums. Having a billion-dollar growth already, the online gaming industry in India is further projected to grow leaps and bounds. Hundreds of gaming ventures have been established in India since 2010 and have incorporated technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, etc. Both, players, as well as developers, are been benefitted with these upgrades.

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