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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

The multiplayer games are gaining high popularity these days among gaming enthusiasts. On one hand, for the sake of entertainment, people these days eye games like PUBG and Fortnite, while on the other, when it comes to utilizing skills, making money, and obviously, having fun, there is nothing better than playing card games.

Among the card games, it is poker that has gained a huge fan following because of its recognition as the top skill-based card game across the globe. With the online transformation, this game has drawn the attention of those who seek business through games.

In India itself, poker’s market size is Rs. 400 crores; a big figure indeed. Such an interesting figure is encouraging enough for those who look forward to setting up their poker business. The high demand for poker has created a big opportunity for online poker software providers.


In fact, many poker game development companies have lately evolved and there are plenty of poker software solutions readily available for those who wish to run an online poker business.

If you’re the one who aims to do a successful business through poker, you should be very well versed with two of the online poker types — virtual chips online poker and real money online poker. This will help you to gauge which of these two poker forms can bring you the biggest business opportunities.

But before we find out is it the virtual chips online poker or the real money online poker that suits the best for your business, let us know about both of them from a player’s point of view.

What’s virtual chips online poker?

When it comes to playing poker with virtual chips, it is something that can be bought through credits. And credits are bought from money to convert into game chips. Credits here, are single window currency which you can buy by paying money. You can also use these credits later to buy game tickets, tiles, chips, etc.

However, the drawback with most of the virtual chips online poker platforms is that the transactions are done only to buy chips. And in return, you can’t get the money out from these sites as a prize in reality.

What’s real money in online poker?

Real-money online poker is slightly different. Here, you do money transactions for buying and getting back in return upon winning. A popular example of such a model is Poker Stars, wherein you can stake money and also credit your money prize in your bank account.

Now coming back to the business point of view. So far, you must have got an idea that it is the real money online poker that has more money involved. In other words, in the world of virtual chips and online poker, monetary transactions are only limited to the purchase of credits. So practically, it is the real money online poker that will circulate more money on your poker platform.

But wait! There is a legality part attached to both of these online poker types. There are various countries where playing poker with real money is illegal. Hence, if you are operational in such a region, it is best to start your poker business with ‘virtual money’. However, if in your region, playing poker with real money is legally accepted, then there is nothing like it. Starting your poker business with ‘real money’.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching for suitable online poker software for your business and parade to a successful poker business.

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