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Sudipta Saha  /   2 minutes

Betting is sort of traditional leisure activity that has been always enjoyed by the kings in ancient time in the arena of wrestling. The best entertainment is watching sports be it Football, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, etc. and more fun is imparted when one can bet on it. Enthusiasm level increase and we start relishing sport from within ourselves, i.e. our soul.

There are many e-sports websites active on the internet but better find it difficult to choose an optimum result oriented betting website. Mobzway Technologies possess and an intelligent and diligent team that can function best in the industry to render betting client with a proper source of information and completely safe and secure sportsbook in India.

In the present scenario, betting on sports is illegal in India. One cannot bet openly or publicly on sports such as cricket, hockey or so, but since few decades trade has started to flourish in the country and people seek alternatives to spending their earnings on leisure activities such as entertainment and betting being a part of it captivates the idea of being legalised in upcoming days.

Once it is legalised in India people could perform betting on the sports of their wish and increase their trade with entertainment and refreshment. Legalising of sportsbook in India will also give the sport an international recognition and exposure. Players of Indian cricket are only known internationally, but legalising this facility will result into fame for players from hockey, gymnastics, badminton, tennis, etc.

There are enormous opportunities for e-sports in India, once e-sports is legalised in India. People can transform themselves into sports entrepreneurs favouring fair betting, preventing support to the betters and resolving their issues regarding information and procedures, in return they can earn an extra hand of money as a commission for the compensation of services they are rendering to entertainment and sports industry.

Moreover, they can also maintain the statics of win cases and loss cases that can be helpful to betters which can be provided to better on demand in exchange for the appropriate fee or contribution decided by the betting organisation. Also, trade from international markets will flow into Indian markets, contributing to the economy of India.

Sports tradesman apart from the commission and paid statics have much more to earn from. They could also provide advertisements on the sports betting websites from the apparel brands highlighting their recently launched garments, electronic devices MNCs displaying recent trend of technologies, Insurance policies for prominent needs and Industry from FMCG (Fast – Moving Consumer Goods), i.e. in short advertising general necessities to the visitors and betters.

International brands will also feel secure to advertise themselves on the betting platform, hoping their sneak into Indian markets. Mobzway will always support sports businessperson to build up tie-ups with advertising firms and attain a secure betting platform i.e. a bright future of e-sports in India.

Mobzway Technologies finds its pleasure to develop smooth functioning websites. Sports Betting software developers team of Mobzway has the expert level skill set and is dedicated to delivering sports betting software within the time in the near future of the country.

Sports betting website will be before launching completely cross-examined by Load testers, Networking Engineers to check a stable and 128 – bit or 256 – bit encryption during the betting procedure and Quality Analyst to give website a user-friendly look to ensure end user get a ravishing sports booking experience and investor or sport entrepreneurs get a handsome return from the e-sports.

Mobzway tends to serve sports entrepreneurs with talent and ideas. Feel free to discuss sporting entrepreneurship with us!

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