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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

If you ask card game players, what’s their favorite game? The majority of them would end up answering Rummy or Poker. And though, Rummy has always been on top of the gaming list, there are several gaming enthusiasts who love to play Poker more, just because they believe Poker is a top skill-based game.

And perhaps calling Poker a top ‘skill-based’ based Card Game isn’t wrong at all. Why? Because when it comes to playing this game, luck or chance has a little role to play. In fact, a winner in Poker is determined on the basis of his own skill. To be a winner in Poker, you have to have the ability to assume probable results through mathematical permutations.

Apart from mastering the art of learning Poker, today’s professional poker player keeps one or the other Poker Software installed on his mobile or laptop so that he can brush up his playing skills. This not only makes him a better player in online poker games but also keeps him rehearsed for his offline games.

As we mentioned, Poker is all about bringing your top gaming skills to the table. And to elucidate that Poker is truly a top skill-based game, we have jotted below some very convincing reasons, check them out.

Poker is all about Strategy and Beyond

While playing Poker, you need a great strategy along with an exceptional observation power. You also need to have a sound control over the game’s essentials along with having an excellent aptitude to remember your rival’s last moves.

It is not your hand’s strength that gives you a victory in Poker, rather it is your capability to plan that hand intelligently and turn it into your favor. And to make this happen, you should be able to sense the strength of your rival’s hand. In addition, you also need to keep track of the stats so that before things turn against you, you’re alert. With all these skills, when you act wisely, you can make the opponent believe that your strength is higher in the game or say, your weakness is lesser in the game.

Kinesics is very much needed in Poker

Kinesics is all about observing facial expressions and gestures of a person. And while playing Poker, having this skill is big armor. You’ve to be read your opponent well, understand his state of mind through his gestures and facial expressions. His behavior can give you a lot of hints on how he plays and his current state of mind.

Poker is a game of Skilled Bluffing

In the game of Poker, you have to bluff so that you can provide an inflated view of your actual hand position. While bluffing, you’re actually testing the optimum level of your skills. Your acerbity also comes into the picture when you start gauging the strategic time to bluff and the moment to pull it off so that your opponents could be impacted adversely. Besides sensing when should you be bluffing; the game also requires skill to ascertain if your opponent has bluffed or not. In Poker, consistent and accurately timed bluffing can help you in winning, even if at the beginning of the game, you weren’t having a stronghold.

Poker and Mathematics go hand in hand

The card game Poker is very much connected with mathematical skills. You need to be adroit enough to come up with exceptional probabilities, permutations and combinations as these would help you in understanding in advance, how your rival is likely to play.

We hope that the above-mentioned reasons would have convinced you that Poker isn’t a game that is ruled by luck, rather it is a game that is skill-based. So, what are you waiting for? How about practicing Poker on our platform?

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