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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

Game operators are in for a treat when it comes to cloud gaming, as Mobzway is the best cloud gaming provider and mobile software developer. Mobzway has a team of experienced experts that ensure they offer clients the best cloud gaming platform operating using the latest technology that's compatible with all mobile operating systems.

So what exactly is cloud gaming? One might ask. Well, cloud gaming is an online platform that runs games on a remote server and then streams them on users' devices. In simpler terms, cloud gaming is playing an online game from a remote cloud source.

There are usually three types of cloud gaming that include: game streaming, peer-to-peer gaming, and also progressive downloading. Fortunately, Mobzway company offers all three types of cloud gaming specifically white-label poker, white-label casino, teen patti, and rummy, as we shall share in detail below.

1. White Label Poker Software

Mobzway company offers the best cloud gaming platform having a white label poker software that has a feature-rich software. The white-label poker solution comprises popular poker games such as No Limit Holdem, PLO, Omaha HiLo, 5 Cards Omaha, SitnGo, and Multi-Table tournaments.

The benefit of having white-label poker software is the top-notch technology used to combine all the gaming processes. Mobzway white label poker solution is ideal for having readymade software that has undergone all the development processes hence saving clients time and money.

Mobzway experienced developers usually make sure that the white label poker software is a well-designed architecture & market-tested, which successfully undergoes three development phases.

  • Game Graphics and Audio

The first phase often includes the development of game graphics and sound. After thorough quality checks, the game is then fully customized to enable more accessible updates to allow the poker game software to cope with the dynamic gaming trends.

  • Marketing Strategies

The second phase in the poker white-label poker software is promotional. Mobzway ensures that the poker game is marketed through all the popular social media platforms to increase the customer base.

  •  Game Tournaments

The third and last phase is usually the game tournaments and creative gaming ideas that are sure to keep gamers entertained. Some of the captivating white-label poker gaming tournaments include regular, sit-and-go, spin-and-go, multi-player and private tables, freerolls, etc.

The advanced team of developers works around the clock to ensure that they regularly update new features and tournaments to keep playing the game worthwhile.

2. White Label Casino Software

Another cloud gaming solution is available for white-label casino software. The software is renowned for having one of the most popular games that have a vast clientele base. Mobzway has a team of highly experienced developers both the game's graphics and strategy are user-friendly.

The white-label casino software ensures that the gaming quality is top-notch and also provides convenience to clients who want to focus simply on the management of the gaming business. The white-label casino software cuts significant costs associated with casino software development. It's suitable for operators who want to start casino game development from scratch to software operation.

The solution offers customizable front-end solutions having a complete service integration. Some of the casino games having the white label software include slots, Roulette, and bingo. Keno, blackjack, etc. Key casino game features include player management, tournaments, an anti-fraud system, etc.

3. Teen Patti Game Development

When it comes to teen Patti game development, Mobzway steals the show. It offers a cloud gaming solution that operates using the latest technology, which is compatible with all mobile operating systems.

Teen Patti game has a variety of game features that include tournaments, virtual money, a private table, an anti-fraud security system, etc. The games are easy to maintain and bug-free, and they include Fox Teen Patti, vintage Teen Patti, and Teen Patti Plus among many other game versions.

4. Online Rummy Software Solutions

Last but not least, the cloud gaming software solution is the rummy software solution. The game has the latest features and technology that operates using HTML5 technology for Windows and is also compatible with all mobile operating systems.

Some of the rummy games include Pool Rummy, Point Rummy, and Deals rummy. The game features include competitive tournaments, game tables, and lobby, multiple chips, etc. The control panel services include player, finance, tournament management, etc. 


An operator, whether new in the gaming industry or not, should count on Mobzway company when it comes to cloud gaming, software solutions, or game development projects. Our services are affordable with state-of-the-art gaming technology and top-notch developers.

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