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Sonu Singhal  /   2 minutes

Indians are very fond of lottery since ages

People in India are very fond of lottery since ages and it has been regarded as a legal activity at many places in the country. Despite few restrictions on gambling legislation which governs the lottery gaming, the practice of lottery is governed and regulated by each individual state.

Many Indian states allow people to play online and offline lottery

Many states in the country allow people to play lotteries both online and offline. Individual states are authorized to take the control of the lottery game and the Indian states ensure that all kinds of lottery draws take place in a fair manner and fully comply with the rules and regulations of the lottery game. Some states which allow lottery to be played are West Bengal, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Goa, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Nagaland. Playing jackpot through international lottery sites doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of the Indian gambling laws as the lottery draws takes place outside the country.

Indians are permitted to indulge in international lottery game

A citizen residing in any of the states can indulge in the international lottery game and can play irrespective of the gambling laws of the state. Lottery is considered as the game of chance and is legal and regulated by the jurisdiction of the Indian states. Betting on online lotteries is perfectly legal in some of the Indian states. Playing lottery is an age old practice in India and is the considered as an acceptable avenue for taking a chance to make big money.

People can play international lottery games from India and elsewhere

Today people in the country and outside are gripping the opportunity to play international lottery games and many lottery jackpots with their tickets are available to be purchased in India itself. Players are allowed to sign up and they can buy a lottery ticket right from their place. Some of the international lottery aggregators allow the Indians to buy the lottery tickets from the majority of the countries of the world including India.

Lottery sites are customized to meet the needs of local players

The Indian lottery system has been completely transformed from the traditional paper based lotteries to the online lotteries which are driven by the dynamics of the internet and mobile technology. So from the earlier paper based lottery operations, now lottery games have been seamlessly switched to computers and mobiles that enable the lottery operators to scale up their lottery ticket sales with the adoption of the forward thinking lottery modules.

Lottery in India has a long way to go

The lottery sites are customized to cater to the needs of the local players having the local language and providing the regional payment system. All this simply shows that lottery in India has a long way to go and Governments of many states are making an attempt to issue licenses to many online gambling companies.

Online lottery games enjoy high popularity

Online lottery games enjoy high popularity in all the Indian states where online betting is legal and permitted. India offers lucrative lottery market to the online lottery operators and many Indians are glad that they can take part in some of the most significant lottos of the world.

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