Do You Need A Product License to Start Your Online Poker & Rummy Website in India?

bySudipta SahaJuly 2, 2019

2 minutes

As tempting as it may look, there is an equal bunch of processes that needs to be undergone before one starts an online gaming business in India. Before you start with online poker software, getting a license is prominent. The ever-glamorous world of online gambling is surreal with the amount of money one can make with it. Internet being such a powerful tool, there are immense opportunities for playing online gambling.

If you are eying to open an online gambling business, the first question asked is - Do we need licensing to start an online rummy and poker website in India?

Well, yes!

Also, it comes with its own set of different requirements and regulations based on your location and on your gaming license jurisdiction.

Pretty much the process is the same for anyone who is applying for a gaming license.

It starts with

Apply for a gaming license

The initial stages commence with a lot of paperwork and protocols to get your gaming license in place. You need to get a local licensee and it has to comply with the requirements. When you are starting with your application in India, you need your documents like a passport, some bank references, a few recent utility bills, and a criminal record certificate. In India, it may take up to a month or two and that can even stretch up to six months in India.

So, you got to be patient. In some cases, poker software companies also help in triggering up the process and make it smooth and less strenuous for you.

Hire Legal Help

This is a crucial task and it can’t be ignored unless you don't want to stick yourself into an endless bout of paperwork. Hiring legal help is again predominant. Seek it from the online rummy software company, and they will be assisting you with the best practices. When you start a legit online gaming website, there could be fines and hefty sums that you may end up paying if you are not in compliance with the regulations in your area.

Also, it needs to be assured that your website has a detailed section of services, illustrating the rules and limitations of the site. It should also be well explanatory about site policies and any other details in regards to how people can add funds, collect payments and several other important features.

This can be easily done by hiring an experienced law firm or lawyer as they clearly understand the process and legal laws in the online gaming business.

When you are occupied with all new budding pressure of keeping your website in place, legal laws and compliance shall be transported to someone who knows the business in and out.

Get your website ready

Once you have the license to start your online rummy business in hand, get going! Hire the best poker software company and let them know your requirements. The skilled companies who have the foothold in this business from years shall be the right guidance for you. These shall be helping with the best interface, website, and seamless support. Also, they equip you with the best marketing strategies for better functioning of your business.


With some initial capital, patience and right steps to approach, you can absolutely witness a successful online rummy or poker business in India.