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With increase in the corporate sector, people these days find ways to earn an extra paycheck with alongside of fun and entertainment, also they wish to go for these sort of earnings that are legal. People hunt for betting websites and perform numerous paid transactions over the website or application and end up donating their money to the website fund in exchange of no return.

Dream 11 is India’s no.1 fantasy sports platform that is growing exponentially with more than 6 million end users, which find their fantasy in sports such as Cricket, Football or Kabaddi. With Dream 11 people utilize time in legal earning that also yields them relaxation and nostalgic moments of win and lose. Similar projects tend to come up with better ideas.

There arises a question, how one could be part of dream 11 or similar projects and start earning benefits from it?

The answer to it is, any person who possesses a sports fantasy manipulates his knowledge for the sport of his choice, and select the player from real life with true statics. Player selection is based on the diversified aliases such as, in cricket – strike rate of batsmen, wickets of bowlers, efficiency of the captain, etc., in football – goals of a striker, goals prevented of a goalkeeper and defender or so.

Post selection of the player based on the statics person could challenge another person of his choice or random team as generated by the fuzzy logics, to perform a match in exchange for some amount. Winning person has the complete amount that was put up during the game.

Every Class of society is benefitted by the projects similar to that of Dream 11. High-class society finds dream 11 a source of entertainment, as being business mindset they wish to earn also from their entertainment and such projects allow them to do so. Next coming to middle class, people from this band have a thirst of legalized handsome earning that is available within short time of investment, hence they seek to take a higher risk of investing into dream 11 and come up with better profits. Adding to the context, youth these days is smart enough and wish to save more for the future and try new sources of income. In near future, projects similar to dream 11 withhold high earning potential both for users and investors.

With big projects come big responsibilities, i.e. securing user data and maintaining privacy for each and every user. Sport fantasy websites, come with high e-commerce benefits and flow of payments and managing them simultaneously is not everyone’s cup of tea. Mobzway technologies offer 128 – bit high-end encryption promising secure payments and dynamic integrated IP proxies for safe and secure TCP connection. Loopholes in the connection gateways are examined regularly for the improved security and popularity of such sport fantasy projects

Once website or application has been created, investor could attract high-end returns from multiple sources. Some of popular sources of income are hidden transaction charges, premium statics to people who have a little knowledge of gameplay to boost their efforts and increase rate of winning against an opponent. Most popular and highly paid return is via advertisement during gameplay and website surfing. Mobzway also help its client to build better client relationship and best mutual negotiation with advertisers to maximize investor’s profits.

Mobzway technologies is a dedicated game development organisation, that is able to render projects that too similar with Dream 11 which are capable to render high benefits to game entrepreneurs. Diligent and talented game architects at Mobzway burns the midnight oil, to establish secure proxy client and host connection, clubbing with seamless website and application function.

Websites and application designed by Mobzway team is based on cutting edge technology, also they undergo various Quality Analysis Procedures such as, Audio – Visual Output testing, monitoring gameplay statistics, Core thread optimisation, establishing safe and secure data to promise end user refreshing entertainment and game entrepreneurs a handsome return. Mobzway team abides by game entrepreneurs to transform their business ideas into game ideas. Game Entrepreneurs are most welcome to have words with us! Visit: Sports Betting Software Developers

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