How are High Stakes Gaming Companies Making a Comeback in Coronavirus Pandemic?

bySudipta SahaMay 5, 2020

2 minutes

Tough times have knocked the doors of businesses across the world due to pandemic coronavirus. Entrepreneurs are worried about the way the businesses will operate in the future. Almost all the sectors are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 as the majority of places are witnessing the lockdown. In such a situation, companies are coming up with new ideas and innovations to let the businesses run smoothly and drive more customers.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the high stakes gaming companies have also come up with some great ideas and initiatives to make a comeback. Let’s know some of these great initiatives taken by the high stakes gaming companies to counter the situation.

  • Initiatives to increase engagement –High stakes gaming companies are currently focusing on the ways to increase engagement on their platforms. New measures are been adopted by the high stakes gaming businesses to keep the engagement levels high on their platforms throughout the day so that the business doesn’t suffer.

  • 24 X 7 gaming for high stakes gaming lovers –High stakes gaming companies are operating online private rooms round the clock to ensure that the players can conveniently play their preferred game at any given point of time. This will allow the potential high stakes gaming enthusiasts to engage with the platforms and convert into customers. Mobzway, the leading game development company has also announced that it is offering its platform to create private online rummy and poker clubs to bring more customers in the business.  

  • Keeping the customer services in place –High stakes gaming companies are also focusing on keeping the customer services well-functioning so that the players do not have to face any challenges while playing the games.

  • Doing brand awareness campaigns –In light of high engagement on the platforms, the high stakes gaming companies are also looking forward to improved conversions, both currently as well as in the days to come. For this, they are doing brand awareness campaigns on different channels, including their own platforms.

  • Incentivising first-time players with bonus codes & referral codes – To attract betting lovers, the high stakes gaming companies are offering bonus codes and referral codes to the first-time players so that they can experience the popular high stakes games and proceed to be continued users.    

  • New tournaments conducted every day – Various gambling platforms are launching new tournaments throughout the day so that the players can be engaged for more time in their favorite games like Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti, etc. 

It is anticipated that with such measures, the high stakes gaming companies will be able to create a secure business for themselves and continue to grow at a decent pace.

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