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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

Online games are now a part of our culture and their existence has impacted our lives in various ways. In recent years, the online gaming industry has prospered significantly and has earned a large number of users with the majority of them being youth. 

Today, online gaming enthusiasts, especially the youth wait for the new releases of games like Call of Rummy Game, Ludo, PUBG, etc. Likewise, many young online gaming lovers challenge themselves to accomplish new levels of games like Candy Crush. 

Since the youth has started taking online gaming as one of the key entertainment sources, they are usually targeted for not going as per the so-called ‘protocols’ of our societies. They have to bear the false claims and stereotypes about online gaming and often have to face bigoted perceptions. However, the reality is very different and very pleasing. But to fully understand this, we will have to know the impact of online gaming culture on the youth. 

The below-mentioned points will explain further how online gaming culture is influencing and benefitting today’s youth.

Helps youth to harmonize with society

In contrary to the common perception that online gaming is disconnecting youth from society, studies have shown that online gaming helps youth to harmonize with society. In addition, online gaming also improves the emotional well-being of the youth, thus enabling them to cope with life’s challenges.   

Helps them expand their friend circle

Online gaming has also helped the youth to expand their friend circle. A survey conducted by Qutee shows that 66% of online gaming enthusiasts have revealed that they make up to 5 friends while gaming. However, 37% of online players say that they have made more than 5 friends while gaming. It shows that the youth is interacting and engaging with friends who come from different cultures.  

Helps them improve their cognitive skills

The online gaming culture has also helped the youth in improving their cognitive skills. While playing card games or other games that are skill-based, the youth can test and improve their intelligence. They get into the habit of thinking logically which helps them in various ways. 

Helps them to learn the art of teamwork

Remember the traditional video games like Contra or Super Mario where two players used to play a video with the sole purpose of winning? Perhaps, you and your friends or cousins would have done that if you were born in the 90s. Don’t you think that it was a duo companionship that connected two people to achieve victories in those games? Similar is the case with today’s multiplayer games like PUBG, Minecraft, etc.

Where you play with not only two but a larger number of players to secure a win. You even communicate with the players while playing and form strategies. This does develop the art of teamwork. Something that can be helpful in making the youth more cooperative and more efficient in their work life.      

Helps them by inspiring for future careers 

Online games have also influenced the youth in shaping their careers. Many of the young players have inclined towards science, art, and history as they have in some of the other ways experienced the beauty of these subjects while playing the games.  

Online games are undoubtedly advancing the youth and helping them to shape their personalities along with entertainment. The youth can discover new trends in society just because they are globally connected with other online players. Contrary to the stereotypes, online games are indeed positively influencing the youth.


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