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Sonu Singhal  /   6 minutes

The online gaming industry has taken a new pace to establish itself in India and the global market. We see the market revenue from the online gaming enterprises that stand at $42 billion, out of which the online gaming market share of India is 11088 crore rupees. That is a considerable amount. However, because of legal restrictions, some of the gaming future is dwindling except rummy, poker, and Teen Patti. Let us start with one of the most lucrative and engaging games, not in India, but in the world is Teen Patti, as it links its background to our past generation.

History of Teen Patti

Teen Patti has been playing on the South Asian subcontinent since 3000 years ago. We studied lots of Asian folklore where it has describes 3 Patti, and some of the legends are Ramayana and Mahabharata. In America and Europe, it recognizes a flush in which three cards are distributed to all the players.

Discuss Important Aspects of the Teen Patti

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a card game in which a maximum of 10 players can play. All players receive the three cards. It is the choice of players whether they either show their cards or remain not offering their cards that we know as blind cards.

Why are people playing Teen Patti over the other games?

  • It is legal in almost all countries, including India. 
  • It is easy to learn about the 3 Patti game.

Let us know how to play Teen Patti

The blind player bets the coins or chips as per his wish, and the rest bet two times on chips, which are bets by the blind player. At last, the one who has the highest order of three cards wins the game and collects all the betting chips.

What causes people to love virtual Teen Patti instead of physical Teen Patti?

Everybody in the contemporary world is busy, so it is impossible to play Teen Patti physically. But that is possible in a virtual model of 3 Patti. We can play 3 Patti sitting at home, office, restaurant, and park. It has attracted people to it most after the transformation of the physical to the virtual model of 3 Patti. They may play with their smartphones without paying money.

Tell us the reasons for investing money in Teen Patti in 2024?

According to the KPMG report, you can see the statistics that help understand why you invest money in the Teen Patti game business.

  • The global gaming market will reach up to $256.97 billion by 2025.
  • Now, over 2.5 billion people play online games.
  • Players have spent approximately $4.5 billion in immersive online gaming until 2021.
  • Three-dimensional gaming is on the rise. 

After seeing this report, you speculate how much you earn by investing money in online games, especially Teen Patti, which all the world declares is legal.

Why is Online Teen Patti profitable in 2024?

Online games like 3 Patti are penetrating not only in India but also in the world. The reason is smartphones and the latest speed internet. Now Teen Patti is not present in the home but reaches its existence all over the globe. Why is it possible to get all the people? Because we know that technology like smartphones and laptops has become very cheap everyone can buy it at an affordable rate.

Another cause is the entry of pandemics, which makes everything in virtual mode. After that, people are working from home, and thus they have lots of time to play Teen Patti.

Is the Profitable Story of Teen Patti for Gaming Startups in 2024?

According to the Maple Capital Advisors titled "Gaming Story," This report has revealed that Indian gaming industries passed $350 million in 2020. They are growing at a CAGR of 22% due to 450 gaming startups in 2021. India's gaming market is currently valued at $930 million, increasing at the valuation of 3750 crore rupees. The online gaming industries park most of their money in card games like Teen Patti, which are very fruitful, as mentioned in the above data. That shows the importance of investors investing money in hiring the best game service provider, like Mobzway Technologies, to develop the 3 Patti game.

Is virtual Teen Patti Business lucrative for entrepreneurs in 2024?

We discuss some aspects that show how the virtual Teen Patti game business is lucrative.

  • Digitalization of Monetisation

Why do we need digitalization? We need to connect more and more users from remote places. For instance, a game developer like Mobzway Technologies makes a secure online payment system for buying coins in 3 Patti. People engage in the game as it is a safe method for playing with balance.

  • Affordable New Technologies

If you desire to make the Teen Patti game more engaging, you should provide a real-life experience in the game. How can you do the same? You can add virtual and automated reality features to the game. However, it is not easy to insert these features because they need a unique skill set in the game software developers who have comprehensive knowledge of the game development like Mobzway Technologies.

  • Growing Local Game Developers

In recent times, everyone plays games when we go to parks, metro stations, and malls. Owing to this, the demand for online games such as Teen Patti is rising. Local entrepreneurs are searching for local game developers who provide game development technologies at an affordable rate. Thus, these developers are growing because of the high demand for them.

  • Localized Games

Now all the games are available in every Indian language, which is why the Teen Patti game development business will be lucrative.

  • Advertisement

Entrepreneurs get the game to adjust the features of advertisement by the game developers in the mid and background of 3 Patti. How many users play the game? They will see advertisements, and it may be possible to convert into the lead in the future. We can add this feature at a very affordable cost from the Indian game developers, especially Mobzway Technologies. That has vast experience 6 years of Teen Patti gaming development.

  • Pay to Play

To play the Teen Patti game, all players have to pay money to enter the competition. We know it as a revenue-based model. For this, you can make an admin portal in the game, which is highly secure and flawless. A highly specialized game software provider like Mobzway Technologies can do this at less than the market rate.

Make Cash Through Third-Party

You can promote and advertise the brands of the third parties in the graphic and mid of the Teen Patti. Instead of this service, you can charge some amount of money from them, which assists in gathering more revenue. However, you require highly experienced game developers such as Mobzway Technologies, who can add Ad supporting consoles to the game for this feature.

What about the Prediction of Teen Patti in 2024?

As the report of Social Peta suggests, the online gaming market will cross 88 billion dollars, out of which most of the share is rummy and Teen Patti games. That is why we can say that the 3 Patti game business has high profits for investors.

What obstacles will come in starting the business of the Teen Patti game?

You face some obstacles while starting the business of Teen Patti game.

  • Hire Professional Teen Patti Software Providers

You should select software providers with vast experience and a team of experts for game development like 3 Patti. For example, you can go to Mobzway Technologies, which has lots of experience in developing games in India and foreign territories.

  • Budgets

Budgets will be the problem while making Teen Patti. For this, we suggest you can go for white-label solutions, which save your cost and time.

Which features do you see provided by the software providers of a 3 Patti game?

You should hire those Teen Patti software providers who will provide those features in the game. Those software providers like Mobzway Technologies have a team of professional game developers with relevant technology.

  • Architecture: In the Teen Patti game, you should see that it runs many visual or graphical modes to play, like 2D and 3D.
  • Security: The game has three-level authentication technology to prohibit players' breaches of money and data.
  • Technologies: The 3 Patti game has motion technologies like automated and virtual reality to feel like a proper way of experiencing while users are playing the game.
  • Platforms: You check 3 Patti should exist in all versions like Web, Android or IOS and Desktop mode.

Why did you choose Mobzway Technologies?

We are mentioning why you hired a qualified game developer like Mobzway.

  • It develops Teen Patti in three developmental stages, which maintain the accuracy and quality of the game. These stages are 
    1. Finalize the brand name.
    2. Customize the game based on requirements.
    3. Publish the game and make it an online presence or go live.
  • It has a team of experiential and skilled professionals who have designed many games.
  • It provides the online Teen Patti game solution in desktop, mobile, and web versions. 
  • It designs highly secure and functional artwork in the game.
  • It offers you technical support before and after the game production with a free consultation. 
  • It makes the 3 Patti in all readymade conditions on Android and iOS platforms. 
  • It uses multiple groundbreaking coding techniques for the excellent performance of the game.

Final Thoughts

We know the online Teen Patti gaming future will be highly lucrative, but only the right approach will sail through the success of profit. Every entrepreneur should consider the proper techniques and examine all the features present in the game. For this, they prefer only skill set game developers of Teen Patti, like Mobzway Technologies, who insert all ingredients in the game. The reason is how many features and uniqueness entrepreneurs provide to their audience. The audience will engage more which would generate more revenue for the long term for the entrepreneurs.

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