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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic is, without a doubt, wreaking havoc across the world. With business halted and most countries under lockdown, clearly shows how dire the situation is. With the COVID-19 infection currently on the increase, most citizens are in isolation, whereby social activities or interactions are highly discouraged by governments and medical experts. 

So what does one do to counter this mandatory isolation? Fortunately, online gaming, more precisely online casino games, is the silver lining for pastime activity. Online player-to-player card games allow users to create their private clubs and add tables to play, hence strengthening bonds between family and friends.

Below are the online casino games that are both indulging and rewarding.

Poker Game

Online Poker is another pastime casino card game that is rewarding and also enjoyable. There are usually a variety of card games to pick from, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha HiLo, 5 cards Omaha, and OFC, among others.

Rummy Game Development

The rummy card game is popular and also among one of Mobzway's top state-of-the-art games. The game is usually skilled-based and offers its players one of the largest winning rewards. The game involves arranging 13 cards in a set of sequences. Winning the game, however, requires the player to make a minimum of two courses invalid sets. Rummy player's numbers can range from 2 to 6 having two card decks. Each player has 13 cards, although a player can use a wild joker to make an impure sequence and sets.

Teen Patti (3 Card Poker)

Teen Patti is an Indian card game that uses a 52-card pack and involves 5 to 8 players per game. The card game ranking starts from the highest (ace) down to the lowest card (two) A winner is usually determined when one has three minimum cards or the best three-card hand.


Ludo is among the oldest traditional Indian pastime games that a majority of people aged between 9 to 90 years know how to play. It usually involves a square board having a pattern with the shape of a cross. It comprises arms that divide into three adjacent columns of eight squares.

The square in the middle forms the home column for a winning player. Players choose one color among the four, and movement in the game involves dice casting.


Blackjack is another pastime card game that includes a six-deck card game. The game consists of typical players attempting to beat the dealer through getting a count that's closer to 21 but not going over it.


The online baccarat allows players three options: Tie, player, and banker. When all bets play, the dealer issues two card hands, which comprise a banker and a player's hand.

The hands added up, and if the total is more than 10, the dealer drops the 10. In other words, a side that equates to 10 becomes a 0 or baccarat. The winner declared usually has the highest hand wager placed.


In the online casino roulette, chips are placed on the table where a wager is. The table typically comprises numbers ranging from 0-36 and also 00. A player then places a bet of up to 5 numbers.

The dealer then spins a wheel that rolls a ball in turn, making it land on the numbered slot on the wheel. The winner received an award for having all the bets that correspond with the winning numbers.


The online Slot is another fun casino game to play. It involves players inserting online coins into a slot machine and either pressing a button or pulling a handle for the reward wheel of spin.

The player gets a reward when the wheel, depending on the type of machine either three-wheeled or five-wheeled, makes a stop allowing the player payment based on the pattern symbols. 


The online casino is so far the best pastime activity you can engage in, providing both entertainment and also reward. Players have more added game options and more time on their hands to play now. As for gaming operators, this is the perfect opportune time to venture into card or casino games, as getting more players and keeping them engaged is probable.

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