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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

During the late 90s, casino games were not as appealing as they look today. Be it the visuals or the gaming experience, both had some limitations. If a present-day online casino player had time-traveled to the casinos of that era and had played a casino game, he definitely would have asked for a drastic upgrade in the technology.

Well, the fact is that today we have an altogether different level of technology as compared to what we had in the late 90s, and undoubtedly, the casino gaming experience has improved remarkably. But that’s not all, the casino industry is likely to become even better in the time to come.

Various online casino software providers have emerged in recent years who are building great casino software solutions to enhance the level of casino gaming.  As technology has progressed, casino game development has taken an aggressive leap and it is sure that in the days to come, the casino industry will surely boom. 

Let’s know what all factors indicate that the online casino industry is at the point of a new stage in its growth

1. Demand for Skill-Based Games

For years, there has been a continuous demand for making online casino games skill-based. In the recent past, this demand has received a nod from online casino operators too. Though games like slots and roulette are still based on players’ luck, the rising popularity of games like poker and blackjack is proving that in the days to come, skill-based games will be preferred more in online casinos.

2. Usage of Virtual Reality (VR)

It is projected that a major change in the online casino industry will be the aggressive adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) games in the upcoming years. VR technology is anticipated to become the mainstream in online casino games and by the year 2024, this technology will be worth $44.7 billion, becoming the essential element in the casino vertical.

Various online casino software companies are developing VR-based games to enhance user experience and make casino gaming more realistic. In the next 5 years, VR technology is very likely to cater to the better with more advanced and technology-driven games.

3. Next-gen gaming with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Other than Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another good thing that has already started improving the gaming experience in the casino industry. Various casino software developers are incorporating AI in online casino games to provide an improved and personalized experience to betting lovers. Further improvements are anticipated in the coming years in AI to take online casino gaming to the next level.

4. Secured and Digital Payments through Cryptocurrency

The online casino industry is ready to explore an all-new horizon through cryptocurrencies. Transactions through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have already started in online casinos and expectations are that many new forms of cryptocurrencies will make their way in this vertical in the coming years.

This will give more confidence to the betting lovers to engage themselves in the games and will also ensure a premium level of security and safety during transactions. With the improvements in technology, the online casino industry is sure to see a new dawn. It would not be wrong to say that this industry is currently at a new stage of its growth. 

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