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The relationship between gambling and India is way more profound than we perceive. Gambling has been a part of Indian culture since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. There were two forms of gambling in India: Aksa and Devana. It used to be so cultural that Indians were gambling with nuts of the Vibhitaka tree as dice. The medieval people even collected taxes for this activity, known as gambling. At present, each state in India has the authority to legalize gambling. In the case of online gambling, where most states have considered it a skill-based activity and legalized it instead of a business aspect, states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have banned it. The Online Gambling Business in India's revenue is around US$60 billion per year; hence a lot of people want to hop on this Online Gambling Business with software that includes all the technological development available.

For Indian business owners, there is another option to start & run an online gambling business called business through offshore companies. But the only limitation is, you are not allowed to open these gambling apps or websites for Indian Players. An Indian Business owner can set up an offshore company to run the business in other countries through gambling licenses, where it's legal.

So here we have a guide about how to start an online gambling business in India

Few Points to Consider while developing an App for Online Gambling Business in India:

1. Gaming Software

the foremost thing to do while planning for this business is to choose an appropriate game development company to develop the software for you. A good game development company will ultimately be responsible for how your app turns out. There are many options in the market, so choosing the one that meets your exact needs will be a monumental task.

2. License For Your Online Gambling Business

The requirement of a gambling license in India is optional. However, it is always looked upon if you can score a license. Because it points towards the integrity and reliability of the Online Gambling Business, nevertheless, in states like Assam, Orissa, etc., you cannot start an online gambling business plan as these states have not legalized gambling. Sikkim is one state in India where gambling is appropriately legalized through fair and transparent laws.

3. Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are essential because this is the medium through which players make transactions quickly. So, everything should be reliable, and payment gateways should consider aspects like -Multiple payment gateways, Multi-currency support, Fast payment, Fraud detection, Advanced risk management, processing account deposits, local bank transfers, and acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The best payment gateways which are reliable for Indian Online Gaming are-

  1. Citrus pay
  2. CCAvenue
  3. payUBiz
  4. Direcpay
  5. PayUMoney
  6. Paytm
  7. ePaisa
  8. Cashfree

4. Website and Game App Development

The next important task is deciding everything about the game app development software and website. So the website is the first impression for your business. Moreover, the software's aesthetics and mechanics will decide the failure or success of the game. You should use the website and app to operate. Some important points regarding it are-

  • Multiple Languages so that it can target a larger audience.
  • Speed of operations should be neither too fast nor too slow.
  • There should be front and back end integration.
  • Supported by multi-operating software including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, HTML, etc.

5. Marketing Functions

Marketing your app through different means is very important. Growth through word of mouth in terms of players is usually prolonged. So instead of relying on word of mouth, use paid ads, influencers, different social media handles, etc., to promote your app. There is also an option to hire a unique agency that is solely engaged in the marketing of your app. 

Some of those best companies are-

  1. Kairos Media
  2. Digital Fuel Marketing
  3. Mustard Digital
  4. Natalis
  5. WeGotGame
  6. SEO Image
  7. Verkoping
  8. Ruby Digital
  10. Spill Media Group

These companies provide specialized marketing functions like- Influencer Marketing, Social Strategy, Gaming & Esports Strategy, Marketing strategy, Media buying, Affiliate management, Intelligence & relationship management, Digital PR, Customer relationship management, email marketing, and PPC ads for online gambling business plan like casino game development.

6. Testing Process

A significant step skipped by many Game Development companies in the testing phase. There are multiple testing procedures, including Functional testing, penetration testing, compliance testing, exploratory testing, regression testing, integration testing, performance testing, Client compilation, installation & upgrade testing, Rollback path testing, Compatibility testing, and fail-over testing. Deciding on some of these tests will enlighten you about your app's drawbacks that need to be fixed so that you are all prepared for the actual release.

7. After Development Services

The game development company you have chosen should also provide services after the launch of your software, including updates, modifications, fixing of bugs, Content Management System, entity authentication, non-repudiation methods, secret sharing, secure multi-party, and symmetric encryption.

Why Choose Mobzway as Your Online Gambling Game Development Company

If you are looking forward to starting a simulated gambling business or a real-money gaming business in India, Mobzway Technologies is the right choice for you. It is a leading online game development as well as business consulting company established in 2015. It provides the best services and iGaming solutions to the customers.

Mobzway has evolved as one of the leading industry leaders in the online skill gaming & casino gaming industry. It offers the best online game software in India and the overseas market. It constantly strives for excellence as they have developed numerous online games and apps with state-of-the-art technology.

This has an array of gaming features that have elevated the game and made it a trend online. The team of experienced developers & consultants at Mobzway creates high-quality and state-of-the-art games that give players an experience like nothing before.


These are the essential criteria to be fulfilled to develop any basic gambling software. Of course, there can be additional requirements during the development process. However, those need to be handled on the spot, which an experienced game development company can do. Mobzway is a game development company with almost a decade of experience with 200+ software and 100+ clients. Here they have a wide ray of artists and engineers to ensure you the software of your dreams.

Furthermore, the best is yet to come. Here at Mobzway, they have Ready to Live Solutions which makes your software the most economically developed. They provide features like audiovisual, excellent aesthetics, perfect engineering, and a traffic magnet app. So be a part of the best, contact Mobzway.

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