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Sudipta Saha  /   2 minutes

COVID-19 has come as an unpleasant surprise in our lives and it has left us with no choice but to wait for the “flattening of the curve” so that we can pursue our lives in the normal way, just like the pre-coronavirus days. 

Lately, there has been acceptance among people all across the globe that gaming can be a good escape from the rising depressions due to lockdowns and airing of sad news stories on the news channels. Even WHO supports gaming during these tough times so that people can divert their attention.  

Earlier, online games were blamed for bringing a decline in society’s moral values without any solid evidence to prove this. But, in the recent past, the perception of online games has changed entirely. Now, when people are been asked to stay indoors and maintain social distancing, online games are emerging as great companions. The online games are allowing people to connect with their friends and family in a very unique and entertaining way and helping them to be socially active. 

During this pandemic, people are playing games online to share joys and stay in touch. The multiplayer online games are turning out to be the most engaging ones, allowing a large number of people to be in touch together. Multiplayer games like PUBG, Ludo King, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Poker, Teen Patti, Minecraft, etc. are engaging a large number of people these days.    

Such multiplayer online games are allowing people to talk, play, and view games together and are giving them a new way to express themselves and create a unique bond. Also, many lonely ones during the lockdown are able to interact with random players on multiplayer games and are able to remain socially active. 

Economically speaking, the online gaming industry has been one of those few industries that have been high in demand during coronavirus. The successful social connect through online games was the reason why the industry rallied #PlayApartTogether. This was basically a promotion that the gaming fraternity organized on behalf of the World Health Organization and gained over 4.7 billion consumer media impressions. Another interesting report says that the usage of Twitch (Amazon’s live streaming platform for gaming lovers) was increased by 10% across the world and it was spiked by 66% in the badly affected areas like Italy. 

In these toughest times, online games have directly and indirectly motivated us. These games have given us a feeling of being a hero, saving people, solving mysteries, destroying aliens, living the goosebumps, being rich and whatnot.   

There is no doubt that online games do not bring a direct solution to the ongoing pandemic situation. But they are helping us in coping up with our indoor living in somewhat an entertaining way and thus, they are allowing us to cooperate with the governments with a much better state of mind. Who knows if these games would also be helping the families of doctors, policemen and other related workforces, allowing them to reduce their stress levels?  

COVID-19 has made us aware of the true existence of online games. In these toughest times, these games are empowering us and allowing us to stay socially connected, and helping us to pass this toughest time in a different and engaging way. 

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