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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

The increase in the use of smartphones and low-cost data charges has highly influenced the gaming sector in India. There has been a consistent rise in the Indian mobile game industry and new ventures are taking a lot of interest in this vertical. Both, foreign as well as domestic games have gained high popularity among mobile game players and the gaming industry is continuously getting flooded with new users every day. In recent years, the popularity of online card games has also increased in India and that is the reason why you will also see many notable card games on this list.  

So, without any further ado, let’s know the most popular mobile games in India entertaining the gaming enthusiasts in the year 2021, read on!


Ludo is the digital version of the traditional board game, Ludo. This online Ludo game has the same traits as its classic version. All you need is to roll the dice and move your counters towards the center of the board. You can enjoy this game along with your buddies or play it with random players online. Also, if you’re alone, you can play it versus the computer. The enjoyment of playing this virtual Ludo is similar to its traditional version.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is another breathtaking game loved by the mobile gaming enthusiasts in India. It is the Indian version of the British card game, the 3-card brag. This game gives a sheer enjoyment to the players and is very much similar to the poker card game. It is therefore that people also call it the Indian poker.  


Rummy is another popular card game that has been highly appreciated by the Indian card game lovers. The available mobile version of this casino game is as entertaining as its traditional version. The best part about this game is that it allows the players to use their skills and build a strategy quickly to win the game. Already, the traditional version of this game has been very popular in India for centuries, and now with the mobile version of this game, it has gained high popularity among family and friends.  


Poker is another fabulous casino game that has been very popular among mobile gamers in India. This ultimate combination of strategizing and betting will remind you of many Hollywood films. You can even enjoy this game in private rooms and play it with family or friends. Also, the mobile version of this game allows you to play with players across the world, giving you worldwide exposure.     

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of the top-rated pool games that allow you to play with friends or random players from all across the world. Every pool game has stake involved and you wager the in-game coins against the opponent. If you win a game, the stake is all yours. The game also has certain levels that allow a higher-level player to play against a player who has equivalent level to wager on bigger stakes. You can log in via Facebook and invite your friends to play the game. Since it is a very simple and user-friendly game, it keeps the players engaged for a longer tenure. 

These mobile games are entertaining the people of all age groups in India but what’s interesting to see is that in recent years, the mobile versions of the card games have witnessed significant growth. Perhaps, it could be because these card games offer skill-based entertainment to the players. 

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