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The year 2021 has not been much different from the previous year when the whole world seemed to be suffering from COVID-19. Institutions closed, businesses came to a standstill, and people were locked in their homes. However, it was not the end of the world. Here we are in 2021 and a year later, still alive and hoping to get through this pandemic. With this hope in mind, people started to work from home. They also found ways to entertain themselves from home only. These entertainment mediums included movies on the Over the Top platforms delivering content over the internet and online games such as Poker, Rummy, and some casino games.

These games have proved to be valuable for socializing with friends while maintaining social distancing in COVID-19 times. Besides this, online games are being played from home, making the bond between family members even stronger. Since the pandemic, the online gaming industry has grown. As of now, 85% of the online gaming industry owes its growth to mobile users. In India alone, more than 400 gaming startups attract millions of dollars in their revenues. There are three sections into which online gaming can be divided, i.e., real money games, casual games, and e-sports. Poker, Rummy, and Casino games fall into the first section. In the financial year 2017-18, gaming apps gained 52% over their previous year's revenue.

These games fall under the “Game of Skills” category under the Public Gaming Act.

1. Online Poker Game

Over the last couple of years, the gaming industry has gained quite a lot in revenues. Users in the Americas, Europe, and Asia (China and India) have accepted Online Poker Game as a game of their choice in the Real Money Game sector. The number of users for this game is going up by the minute, and the game is being recognized as a Game of Skill. Because of this, many users who were earlier afraid to try this game are now jumping ship to Poker. Statistics show that the Online Poker Game App is bound to grow further. From just ₹ 4380 crores in 2018, the game will be earning revenue of ₹11,880 crores in 2023. In India alone, there are more than two lakh users of poker games. 

2. Online Rummy Game

Another one in the Real Money Game category is the Online Rummy Game. In 2019, the revenue from this game was estimated at US$ 335 million and is expected to grow to US$ 1.4 billion in the next three years. The Online Rummy Game users find the game easy and convenient to play as it is an online game. You need to have an internet connection and can connect with players from around the world. The game offers many rewards to the players.

To begin with, players get a starting bonus when they install the game the first time. After that, any game they win is rewarded by swelling up their bank accounts. The online rummy game app also offers security against fraud as it deals in cash. A major benefit of the game is the rewards are paid out immediately. You may either get the rewards added to your PayTM wallet or your bank accounts.

3. Online Casino Game

There always has been a very wrong notion about the Online Casino Game App. However, online games are run ethically and legally. The online casino game industry, as of the year ending 2020, had a market worth of US$66.72 billion. Many players like to play casino games for real cash. However, they fear being duped. Some online casino games allow the players to play for free and learn the tactics of the game. Only when they are confident, they may play the real game with real cash. Online Casino Games was popular in the United States and the United Kingdom but not in India. With the advent of online casino games, users in India are also getting hooked on online casino games. When you play casino games, you generally come across three games, i.e., Slot Games, Roulette Games, and Black Jack Games. In India, the available online casinos are Royal Panda, Genesis Casino, ComeOn, Leo Vegas, and Betway. The number of users for these casino sites has been rising for the last 2 or 3 years.

Why do Entrepreneurs Invest in these online games?

As stated above, the online gaming market for all three real money gaming apps is bound to grow. According to a survey, the revenue from these apps in 2020 was US$295 million, and by the year 2025, the same amount is expected to reach US$531 million. Although many gaming apps provide rich dividends, these three apps are active throughout the year. These apps and websites related to them have seen a 30-40% growth in India alone. 

Another reason entrepreneurs would invest in such apps was the growth that the gaming apps saw during the lockdown. Online Poker alone saw a 30-40% growth in the first three months of the lockdown. A tournament hosted by saw 6000 entrants to the championship. Besides just profits rising, the gaming companies also get the data of the users. The same data can be analyzed for further marketing of any new gaming apps the companies may develop in the future.


Every business wants profit. Nowadays, when there is a lockdown throughout the world, the best business can only flourish online. No better business than online gaming, and that too for those games that people of almost all age groups want to play. Also, most of the world's population is youngsters who are hooked to either their laptops or mobiles. Because of these reasons, entrepreneurs are now heavily investing in Online Poker, Rummy, and Casino games.

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