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Sonu Singhal  /   3 minutes

Gambling has always been an integral part of Indian culture

All sorts of games whether they are gambling games, some of the social or casual games are enjoyed by people of all age groups in India. Gambling activity irrespective of its varied forms has always been an integral part of the Indian culture. Even before the invention of six-sided dice, Indians were involved in playing dice games since ancient times with dice cubes made up of the nuts of Bibhitaki tree.

Gaming companies are exploring possibilities to set up their online gaming operations in India

The gambling industry has witnessed a paradigm shift through the evolution of technology. Online casino sites and casino apps are gaining the attention of Indian gamblers. The huge size of Indian gambling market has led to the surge of the number of online gaming sites in the country. Seeing the high growth and vast potential of the gambling industry in India, many global companies are exploring possibilities to set up their online gaming operations here.

Gambling rules are bit stringent and regulated by independent state authorities

While operating online gambling business might be easier in some parts of the world, the situation is not easy in India as gambling rules are bit stringent and they are regulated and controlled by the independent state authorities. Although gambling legislation provides restrictions on the gambling game but the same restrictions do not apply to the games of mere skills. So if a game satisfies the provision of the skills and the chance, it will not come under the Indian gambling legislation.

Indians can indulge in gambling on the foreign casino sites

Most of the Indian states though prohibit certain kinds of gambling games but there is an exclusion to the skill based games. Sikkim state Government for the first time issued a license to the online casino operators and gaming operators can now offer real money online casino and sports betting in the state. In an exception to the state of Maharashtra, no other state has clearly laid that it is illegal for the Indian citizens to gamble online. Thus they can indulge in gambling on the foreign casino sites. Gaming operator should not worry too much and he should come up with the reputed and trustworthy online gambling site which can be accepted by the Indian players.

Some States have already legalized some forms of gambling

Some of the state legislations have already legalized some forms of gambling operations like West Bengal has excluded card games like Rummy, Poker, Bridge from the gambling preview. Sikkim gaming laws allow the operation of casino site and have legalized all forms of sports betting and gambling activities. Regulating gambling activities and legalizing is essential and it will help the Government to earn god source of revenue which can be utilized for the welfare of the people.

Gambling laws in India are on the verge of thorough revision

Regulating the entire sports betting system will enable the Government to track, investigate and regulate all forms of the unusual activities which are practiced in the country. Through the legalization of sports betting industry, the players would not get into the temptation of match fixing and this would bring integration of various sports. It is the negative perception of some of the people about gambling which needs to be eroded and legalization will be one step to curb this deep rooted belief of gambling is bad among few people.

Gaming operators can obtain a legitimate license and should develop reliable site

Taking into consideration the challenging and complicated Indian gambling legislation landscape, the gaming operators should obtain a license under the Indian gambling act that will provide a protection your gaming site and the legitimate license acquired will work as a line of defense for the operator. It is not quite unreasonable to expect that in the near future the gambling laws in India will be thoroughly revised in order to provide a much clearer picture of what all gambling activities are legal and what all are prohibited.

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