Best Online Gambling Business Ideas in India 2020 –21

bySudipta SahaMarch 25, 2020

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The online gambling business is currently generating huge returns with an average total of over half a million dollars per month. Estimates show that the average casino earns 4$ on every player bet of $100, therefore making the house always have an edge.

With more and more operators looking to venture into the gambling scene, due to leniency of gambling rules and regulations in some Indian states, one might wonder about what gambling business operation is an idea for them. Worry not as we have come with a list of one of the most lucrative business ideas in India 2020 to 2021.

Rummy is among the best gambling business ideas in India between this year and the next coming year. The 13 card game already has an available market thanks to its popularity Indian before even transcending into the online platform.

Operators are considering rummy card games as one of their top business ideas because developers of the software have done a tremendous job with adding tools and features that are more eye-catching and appealing to users.

  • Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports is another ideal gambling venture you might consider getting into this year. Fantasy sports gaming is taking the market by storm as several games are being made around virtual reality emulating a particular type of sports.

India is looking promising, having initiated some fantasy sports that have been positively accepted by the Indian market. The company earns through deducting some fee for using its platform for gaming, especially when it comes to the cash leagues. The deductions may range from 7 to 20 percent as per the popularity of the league.

The online poker game is also a lucrative venture to start. In the last years, its popularity has spread globally and even gaining traction in India. Poker is considered a game of skill India, thereby allowing many to play the game.

With recent statistics showing that there are more than two lakh active poker players in India alone, with a steady growth of 50- 100% yearly with states in India such as Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore embracing it and hence the popping up of new poker clubs.

Some of the popular poker games include Texas Hold 'em, which allows players to play poker with opponents from all over the globe.

Roulette is also undoubtedly one of the most popular table games of all time. Its popularity goes in tandem with its advantages. It is a game that is simple to play with a proper bankroll.

If you're considering venturing into the roulette business, then I suggest the classic European online roulette, which is on a wheel having many sectors, with divided numbers and colors. In total, there are 36 figures with two colors, which are black and red, where bets are made on specific fields of the wheel.

The game is considered among one the most lucrative for operators as it among the most entertaining and popular table games globally and also in India.

Having an online slot game in India is also considered a smart choice. The game is among the most renowned for giving out huge jackpots, despite the low possibility of winning.

The game's online advancement can't go worth noticing as it depicts the exact slots in the land-based casinos. Slots is a simple to play as it involves a player spinning a wheel to hit a line, which contains a reward.

Blackjack is another venture you might consider getting into as it is highly profitable, popular, and currently making waves across India. The game involves hitting a number that's 21 or near 21 to beat the dealer wins.

The technological advance of the game is on a different level making it the same as playing on a land-based casino. The game is gaining its popularity in India due to its attractive bonuses and also the entertainment aspect.


Having a gambling business in India has its fair share of ups and downs; however, it's essential to choose a specific type of gambling venture that better suits your needs and those of the market, through proper business planning and market research.

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