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Do you find Sudoku irresistible and yearn for Sudoku alternatives?

In addition to Sudoku's undeniable market, there is a vast array of captivating and thought-provoking games waiting to be discovered. 

Join us as we look into fifteen compelling games like sudoku that will pique your curiosity and provide hours of entertainment. 

If Sudoku is your passion, this is a must-read!

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Wordoku - Games like Sudoku

Wordoku is games like Sudoku, Wordoku is a puzzle game that requires logical thinking and pattern recognition. However, instead of using numbers, Wordoku uses a word with nine letters to complete the board. Take, for instance, the term "telephone." This delightful variation adds a twist to the timeless Sudoku, ensuring hours of captivating engagement.


Numbrix is another number puzzle that utilizes a grid. Similar to Sudoku, players need to complete the grid by writing down numbers that form a continuous link. The following number in the sequence can be written vertically or horizontally. Sometimes, the game may not specify the last number in the series, but you can determine it by counting the number of vertical and horizontal blocks in the grid.


Hidato is a puzzle game that is similar to Numbrix. It also requires players to link numbers in a continuous chain. However, in Hidato, the game starts with the highest and lowest numbers circled. Players can then connect the chain horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Hidato often uses hexagons instead of square blocks, allowing a clear flow of numbers in a diagonal direction.


For those seeking a more demanding Sudoku alternative, Kakuro steps up to the plate. Resembling crossword puzzles, Kakuro offers players valuable clues within its diagonal sections. Left-side numbers indicate sums to the right, and top numbers represent sums below. The challenge lies in entering one to nine without repetition within a group.


Latin Squares

Latin Squares is another puzzle game that shares similarities with Sudoku. Instead of using the values one to nine like Sudoku, Latin Squares use numbers once in each row and column. The range of numbers in Latin Squares depends on the grid size. Additionally, Latin Squares can incorporate symbols, colors, or an alphabetical sequence. This game is perfect for those looking for a less complex variation of Sudoku.


Futoshiki is similar to sudoku like Latin Squares but with an added twist. In this game, players will find greater than and less than signs placed between some squares in the grid. These signs indicate that a number beside the symbol must respect it. For example, if there is a > sign between two blocks, the number on the right must be greater than the number on the left. Games like sudoku, Futoshiki is played on a square grid, with each number occurring only once in each row and column.

Jigsaw Sudoku

If you're a Sudoku fan looking for a change, you'll love Jigsaw Sudoku. This game is played exactly like Sudoku, with one difference. Instead of the regular three-by-three blocks used in traditional Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku uses irregular shapes, resembling a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece must contain values one to nine without any repetition.


Nonograms, also known as Picross, is another game that Sudoku fans will find interesting. In this game, players must color a grid to reveal a hidden picture. The grid has a set of numbers on the left and top, indicating the number of blocks players need to shade in. Players must separate each digit by at least one square. Logical strategies must be applied to avoid guessing, which can ruin the whole image. Nonograms can be played in black and white or color, with the number clues provided in the respective colors.

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Math Crossword Puzzles

For fans of both math and crossword puzzles, Math Crossword Puzzles are the perfect game. This game combines math equations with the format of a crossword puzzle. Players use the math equations as clues and write down the solutions in a crossword format. The equations can include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations. Playing math crossword puzzles can be a great way to develop mental calculation skills and improve speed.

Picture Sudoku

If you're looking for a Sudoku variation suitable for young kids, Picture Sudoku is the way to go. This game applies the rules of Sudoku to pictures. Players must utilize every image once in both a column and a row. Picture Sudoku offers not only an enjoyable gaming experience but also serves as an effective tool for imparting diverse concepts to children. For instance, images can encompass vegetables to educate them about healthy eating or encompass different types of balls to enhance their understanding of various sports.


Rummikub is a board game that 2-4 players can play. It can also be played as a single-player game on an app. Although not strictly a puzzle game, Rummikub requires players to figure out number patterns and sequences quickly. Players start by taking number tiles in different colors and forming sets and runs. The objective is to be the first player to place all tiles on the table. Rummikub is an engaging game that will surely entertain Sudoku fans.

These are just a few examples of the many games similar to Sudoku. Each game offers a unique twist and presents new challenges for puzzle enthusiasts. Consider trying out these games to keep your mind sharp and entertained.

Develop Games like Sudoku with Mobzway

If you've been searching for exceptional Sudoku alternatives, the array of games above must have left you intrigued. These Sudoku-like puzzles aren't merely famous; they've carved a niche as engrossing sources of entertainment. 

The gaming industry is more than just amusement; it's a lucrative realm with substantial rewards. If you're considering investing in the creation of Sudoku-inspired puzzle games, Mobzway stands as your reliable ally. 

As a leading game development company, we specialize in engineering top-tier solutions that, while distinct from Sudoku, mirror its captivating charm.

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Why Choose Mobzway?

When you opt for Mobzway, you can access many advantages that set you apart in game development. 

Here's what you can expect:

  1. On-time Delivery of the Project: At Mobzway, we understand the importance of timely delivery in the fast-paced gaming industry. We prioritize prompt project delivery, helping you establish market presence efficiently and stay ahead of competitors."
  2. Customized Board Games: We understand that each game is unique, and we provide tailored solutions that perfectly match your vision. Whether adding distinctive features or crafting a new variation, we're here to bring your ideas to life.
  3. Advanced Technologies: Cutting-Edge Technologies: We excel in keeping up with the latest technology. Your game will be built on a robust tech stack, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay for your users.
  4. Feature-packed Solutions: We go the extra mile to provide feature-rich game solutions. Your Sudoku-like puzzle game will stand out with engaging and innovative features that keep players returning for more.
  5. High-level Testing and Marketing: Quality assurance is paramount in game development, and Mobzway leaves no stone unturned in rigorous testing to ensure a flawless gaming experience. Additionally, our marketing strategies will help your game reach the right audience and gain the recognition it deserves.

In a world where gaming is a global phenomenon, Mobzway allows you to join the ranks of successful game developers. Our commitment is to make your Sudoku-inspired game a standout success in the competitive gaming market. We employ unique strategies to set it apart. 


What's the cost of developing Sudoku like games? 

Developing games akin to Sudoku may cost between $20,000 and $30,000, contingent on the game's complexity.

What are the actual games like Sudoku?

Apart from the games mentioned above, other genuine alternatives to Sudoku include Dots and Boxes and 2048.

How long does it take to build a puzzle game like Sudoku?

On average, it takes around two to three months to develop a puzzle game like Sudoku, but the duration may vary depending on the project's complexity.

Can you recommend a reliable game development company for Sudoku-like puzzle games?

Mobzway is a leading game development company specializing in creating customized board games and puzzle solutions. They offer on-time delivery, advanced technologies, feature-packed solutions, and high-level testing and marketing.

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