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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

Mobzway Technologies, an ingenious Poker & Casino game development company, completed its 4 years of inception. The journey of the company and the team members, both so far have been qualified, successful, and empowering by building up numerous new benchmarks. During these years, we deeply acknowledged the commendable performance of our team for delicately completing four years in a row with us.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that without the support of our valuable clients and the outlandish persistence and dedication of our representatives making this platform of progress wouldn’t have been conceivable! Credit to each employee who added to the overall growth and accomplishments of this company. Mobzway has always been enthusiastic and full of fervor when it comes to the foundation day of our company which falls in November every year. It is the most elated of each celebration that we all remarkably wait throughout the year.


This year, which was the 4th anniversary of our company, we planned to celebrate this jovial occasion in a grand way with the entire team of Mobzway who have been the cornerstones of our company. The celebration was held on the eve at The Theme, a hotel located near Airport, Tonk Road.

The eve started with our Co-founders, sharing their inspiring journey of how they planned to try their luck in this path of the Casino and Poker industry congratulating all these staff members and offering thanks to all its clients who have made it possible to make this company a renowned name today.

They expressed pleasure in seeing the entire Mobzway family on a remarkable day outline the achievements of the company and laid out new business plans as well as organizational changes. They also thanked the organizers of the event for creating a wonderful program, and we celebrated the cake-cutting ceremony where every Mobzway team was exalted with joy to commemorate this occasion.


By hosting the corporate event away from the hustle-bustle of office life, Mobzway ensured maximum enjoyment and retreat. The activities started with a Game of Chit-Pull system where each team member got a chance to show their hidden talent. Groups of people participated in Paper Dance too, which was a fun and delightful task for everybody.

The evening on a special day was not only filled with team spirit but also with recreational activities. Our team took a break for evening snacks and indulged in a chat while enjoying a cup of tea/coffee. The high tea - with spicy snacks and cookies - added new energy and enthusiasm to the evening.

After a series of energetic activities, the stage was perfectly set and lit to host a diverse program. The evening turned out musical with solo and group performances from Mobzway team members. The performances included dance, solo songs, stand-up comedy, etc. The audience also enjoyed dance performances by professional dancers of our team. The formal program was followed by a more fun-filled Dj party.

It was the time of the event that brought the Co-founder and the team together on a single platform - the dance floor. Everyone enjoyed the cheerful music and danced to its beats. After all, the company organized a grand dinner party for the Mobzway team. At last, all were gathered for a yummy dinner that contains the taste of success, hard work, dedication as well as determination.

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