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Sudipta Saha  /   3 minutes

Indian Gaming Industry’s market value was on a spike in the financial year 2020, and it is projected to keep growing for the coming two years. The gaming industry is evolving with every passing day, and it is predicted that various new job opportunities will come in an individual’s way through it. Last year’s survey showed that most Indians showed their interest in digital games that they played daily. The survey depicted that men were diverted towards shooter and sports games, whereas women chose strategy and adventure-based games.

Nazara Technologies has made its D-street debut, and it is India’s first gaming company to do so. The founder and MD of the company is Mr Nitish Mittersain. He believes that it is high time for India to leave its mark in the gaming industry, and Nazara’s IPO is a breakthrough for his company and India’s gaming business. He dreams that India engraves its name in the top three gaming nations of the world. 

Everything about Nazara Technologies

Nazara Technologies was founded in 1999. It is an expanded gaming company based in India and several other countries. It has shown its flourishing growth by being the owner of several mobile games like the World Cricket Championship and CarromClash. It also has ownership in kids' learning apps, Kiddopia, sports apps like Nodwin and Sportskeeda, and certain trivia games. In the financial year 2021, the company got half of its revenue from subscription charges.  

Nazara IPO is one of the most rapidly growing and hyped IPOs of recent times. The Nazara IPO price is Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1101 per equity share, and the market has about 13 shares each. 

Its strengths are:

  • Wide gaming range in various paid games, premium, esports apps, and early learning apps.
  • It is one of the main esports organizations in India
  • Has an expanded market presence depending on geographical area and different gaming products.
  • Solid investor bond
  • It has paved a path for other Indian gaming companies and shown them ways to grow
  • Nazara technologies showed how the faith of investors could be gained regarding gaming companies
  • It supported the long-term vision of budding gaming companies
  • There is always space for quality gaming content
  • It made the new gaming companies believe that the sky's the limit, only if you have the passion and dedication for gaming.

The founder of Nazara Technologies, Mr Nitish, is diligently putting all the efforts into the growth of the user base. The company is getting profitable growth, all leading to a scale-up. Further, the founder stated that the company does not believe in wasting their money in thin air, but optimizing and maintaining a proper balance will help them reach all their goals. The company's future goal is to focus on growth over targets and remain on the good end. Further, when Mr Manish Agarwal, the CEO of Nazara Technologies, was interrogated, he said they are also expanding its branches and covering more geographical areas. 

Other aspects of Nazara Technologies IPO

  • The company’s thought process behind launching the IPO was to benefit from the proceeds to gain from listing its equity shares on the stock exchange and boost its name and brand existence. This will offer liquid assets to its old shareholders.
  • The book-running lead managers are ICICI Securities, Nomura Financial Advisory, Jeffries India, and IIF Securities.
  • Another aspect is that the organization has kept aside 75% of the IPO for QIBs, i.e., qualified institutional buyers, 15 and 10% for NIBs (non-institutional buyers), and RIs (Retail Investors) 

Nazara technologies is a reputed name in the mobile gaming industry. It is also well-known for promoting sports simulation and esports, e.g., Sportskeeda. In the country, at present, it holds the market-first position.

They aim to spread their market while they continue to grow in the US.  When asked about the company’s progress in the US, he summarised that they had developed a solid LTV-CAC bond, through which they get the independence to gain subscribers and keep on increasing their US user base. It should be noted that once you have marked your place in a country like the United States, it becomes comparatively easy for you to succeed in Western Europe. The challenge is to leave a footprint in countries like Japan and China. If you wish to apply for the Nazara Technologies IPO, you can do that by making your DEMAT account.

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